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The Auckland Grammar School Orienteering Team train and compete throughout the year at the Auckland Orienteering Club Summer Series, Secondary Schools Championships and at the Auckland Orienteering Series.

We welcome all students to join us in the summer series to train for the championship events later in the year.

2022 Captain of Orienteering Ben Carter spoke to Headmaster’s Heritage Committee member Yifeng Sun about how this year’s squad is showing their commitment to the sport by continuing to show up to trainings even though many of their events in Term 1 were cancelled due to COVID-19 – watch the full interview below.

General Information

Terms played:

  • Auckland Orienteering Club Summer Series – Terms 1 and 4
  • Secondary Schools Championships – Terms 2 and 3
  • Auckland Secondary School Sprint Series – Term 1

Game days:

  • Summer Series 4pm-6pm weeknights
  • Secondary School Championships various days, Auckland Orienteering Series

Practice times: Summer Series used as Championship Practice

Costs: $50 for the Summer Series, Championships ranging from $18-$20 depending on the event

Equipment: Running shoes with good grip (AstroTurf/cross country), shorts, shirt, ID card

Master in Charge: J. de Haas. Students are able to speak to him in the Physics department during the School day or contact him via email.