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Archery at Auckland Grammar has seen both regional and national successes over the years that it has been offered as a sport at the School.

Early in Term 1, those interested are invited to sign up to a basic introductory course. This usually takes place on a Monday or Wednesday evening from 5:30pm-8pm. There are also three time slots available on a Saturday afternoon. These courses are now run by Attitude Archery, as they have an indoor range and they go through the basics and safety related to archery. Groups are kept small to allow for easy supervision. Students are given an opportunity to shoot with both Recurve and compound bows. This allows them to see and experience which one they are more comfortable with.

Once they have done the course, students are encouraged to join an archery club and develop their skills further at a club level. We have close links to Auckland Archery club which is based within the grounds of Cornwall Park. This said, students are able to join any club of their own preference.

Once the course is completed, students are encouraged to purchase their own equipment. This is due to the fact that each person’s draw length, strength and sighting preferences can vary greatly, depending on the user. It can also vary greatly in price, depending on what they want or need to purchase. Students will receive advice and recommendations regarding what bow, arrows and general equipment that they would need.

Once students have joined a club they are able to shoot during organised weekend club practices and develop their skills further. Many students that started their Archery during Form 3 and 4 have gone on and continued to hone their skills into their University years and beyond.

The last couple of years has seen far greater competition between Auckland schools. Round robin matches in Term 1 and two main inter-school competitions will be organised and provide plenty of friendly rivalry.

2022 Captain of Archery Alexander Ward spoke to Headmaster’s Heritage Committee member Hamish Covacich about his start with the sport at age 6, and how he was hooked after getting a bullseye from his very first arrow – watch his interview below.

General Information

Terms played: All year round. There is an inter-school competition in Term 1

Training days at the Auckland Archery Club:

  • Under 16’s: Saturday mornings from 10am – 11.30 am
  • Over 16’s: Saturday mornings from 8am – 10.30 am
  • Advanced: Sunday afternoons from 1pm – 4pm

Practice times: Weekends throughout the year

Costs: The initial introduction course is approximately $60. To be a member of the School team, it is approximately $80 for the year, which includes your registration with College Sport and entry into the Interschool and both competitions. For a year’s club membership is approximately $115, including a fee paid to Archery New Zealand.

Equipment: Supplied during initial coaching course. Coaching course includes advice on buying equipment. Novice Archers are strongly recommended NOT to buy equipment until completion of the coaching course.

Registration: At the start of Term 1

Master in Charge: B. Lee. Students are able to speak to him in the Art department during the School day or contact him via email.