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The Auckland Grammar School Golf team play regular fixtures in the inter-school nine hole competition as well as in one-off competitions, such as the traditional fixture with Hamilton Boys’ High School.

The School also offers a Junior School Championship for those with official handicaps. The Golf team play most Mondays and the Junior School Championships are held after school in Term 4.

As a child, 2022 Captain of Golf Matthew Griffiths took to the driving range for the first time and has been playing Golf ever since. He spoke to Headmaster’s Heritage Committee member Jaime Uy de Baron about how the team has fared this year and what is next for him when he graduates from Grammar – watch the full interview below.

General Information

Terms played:

  • Term 1 – inter-school nine hole competition (for those on the lowest handicaps)
  • Terms 1 and 2 – inter-school matches and one-off competitions (for those on the lowest handicaps)
  • Term 4 – School Junior Championships (for those with official handicaps in Forms 3 and 4)

Game days: Nine hole competition is on Mondays after School. Other matches are on various days. The Junior Championships are played over nine holes in the first four weeks of Term 4 on an afternoon that most suits the player.

Costs: For those in School teams, there will be uniform costs. For those playing in inter-school matches, there will be travelling costs depending if they are are home or away

Equipment: Students must provide their own clubs

Registration: For top teams, this will be held early in Term 1

Master in Charge: D. Mackay. Students are able to speak to him in the Sports Centre during the School day or contact him via email.