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The Grammar Way

Often referred to as ‘The Grammar Way’, Auckland Grammar School sets its standards very high, demanding excellence across all aspects of daily life.

While providing young men with a rigorous education, each young man in turn is expected to pursue excellence in acquiring knowledge and skills while embracing the School’s values.

These values – integrity, excellence, respect, courage, pride, commitment and humility – are core to upholding the School’s position and vision of pre-eminence in boys’ secondary education.

Through the teaching and practise of said values, we hope that students will develop valuable qualities that they can use once they leave Grammar, including self-discipline, resourcefulness, adaptability, creativity, honesty, courtesy, self-reliance, pride in personal appearance and public spirit. The aim is to use these virtues for the good of the School and the community.

Grammar will promote all-round excellence in academic, sporting and cultural pursuits, encouraging each young man to recognise and develop his individual potential and gain pride and satisfaction through setting demanding personal goals while striving to attain them.

The School will encourage the development of the whole person to produce young men ready, willing and able to make a positive contribution to society and to be responsible citizens.

Above all else, the primary objective of the School is to inspire in students a love of learning and a respect for knowledge across a wide variety of disciplines.

The teaching staff at Grammar enable their students to master the skills required to acquire and apply knowledge, while at the same time teaching them the value of hard work and the importance of healthy competition.

The School’s curriculum is both substantial and rigorous, designed to ensure students achieve a standard of literacy and numeracy that exceeds national standards and is comparable to the best international standards.