Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


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    What are the 2021 Term dates?

    The dates for the 2021 academic year are as follows:

    Term 1: Tuesday 26 January - Friday 16 April

    - Thursday 21 and Friday 22 January: Form 5-7 Option Change Day
    - Friday 22 January: New Staff Induction Day / New Student Orientation Day
    - Monday 25 January: Staff Only Day
    - Tuesday 26 January: Term 1 starts
    - Monday 1 February: School closed (Auckland Anniversary Day)
    - Monday 8 February: School closed (Waitangi Day observed)
    - Friday 12 March: Staff Only Day
    - Friday 2 April: School closed (Good Friday)
    - Monday 5 April: School closed (Easter Monday)
    - Tuesday 6 April: School closed (Easter Tuesday)
    - Friday 16 April: Final day of Term 1

    Please note: ANZAC Day (Saturday 25 April) is in the School Holidays.

    Term 2: Monday 3 May - Friday 9 July

    - Monday 3 May: Term 2 starts
    - Monday 7 June: School closed (Queen's Birthday)
    - Friday 9 July: Final day of Term 2

    Term 3: Monday 26 July - Friday 1 October

    - Monday 26 July: Term 3 starts
    - Thursday 2 and Friday 3 September: School closed (Winter Tournament Week)
    - Friday 1 October: Final day of Term 3

    Term 4: Monday 18 October - Wednesday 8 December

    - Monday 18 October: Term 4 starts
    - Monday 25 October: School closed (Labour Day Holiday)
    - Wednesday 8 December: Prizegiving assembly and final day of Term 4

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    What should I do if my son is absent from School?

    If your son is absent, we ask you to immediately complete the Absence Notification e-form that is accessed within the Parent Portal on the day of his absence. This is a legal requirement and is part of our duty of care which we cannot fulfil without your co-operation.

    Parents should log-in and click on the Absence Notification link under "Available e-Forms", which is found within the Notifications section (see below):

    You should be aware that submitting an e-form verifies your son’s absence. It is important that you do not disclose your Parent Portal login and password details to your son, to ensure the legitimacy of this functionality.

    There is no requirement to phone the School nor to provide a written note to notify us of an absence.

    If your son has more than three consecutive days off from school due to sickness, a medical certificate from his doctor must be provided on his return to campus.

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    What should I do if I am wanting to request leave for my son to be absent during the School term time?

    Please ensure that your son attends School every day unless there is a genuine reason such as sickness or bereavement. The School does not support casual breaks during term time as such absences impact on the standard of education we can provide.

    Please communicate with the Headmaster directly ( if you are requesting Official Leave for your son. Please note that no official leave is granted, other than for bereavements or national/international representative duties (where your son is representing New Zealand, or representing the School at a National Championships) for a variety of extracurricular activities sanctioned by the School.

    Furthermore, no extended holiday leave is provided either prior to or after the official school holidays

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    What should I do if my son needs to leave the School grounds for an appointment during the School day?

    No student is to leave the School grounds during school hours unless:

    1) He has brought a note to the Deputy Headmaster on the front steps of the Main Block after assembly. He will then be provided with the appropriate approval slip, allowing him to formally sign out at the Student Office prior to leaving the campus; or
    2) For medical reasons, whereby he must have permission from the Deputy Headmaster or from the School Nurse. In such cases, the School Nurse will contact his parents before he leaves the School grounds.

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    What should I do if I need to contact my son's Dean?

    You are welcome to email your son's Dean or alternatively phone:

    Form 3 Dean - Mr Lobb on 09 623 5403
    Form 4 Dean - Mr Cuming on 09 623 5404
    Form 5 Dean - Mr Hare on 09 623 5405
    Form 6 Dean - Mr Yeh on 09 623 5406
    Form 7 Dean - Mr Hunter on 09 623 5407
    Dean of International Students - Mr Easingwood on 09 623 5400 extn 557

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    What should I do if I need to contact one of my son's teachers or a member of the Student Services team?

    You are welcome to email your son's teacher/s or a member of the Student Services team. A list is available here.

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    What should I do if I need to contact the School's Health Centre?

    Please call our School nurses on 09 623 5400 extension 637.