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The Auckland Grammar School Athletics Team is a consistently high achieving team at a regional and national level. The School Athletics Championship is one of the oldest athletic events in New Zealand.

Athletes who win events at the School Athletics Championship, the Auckland Championships or at a national level are awarded with a medal at a full-school assembly and the opportunity to cross the stage in front of their peers.

It is a Grammar tradition that each young man who wins his age group event at the School Athletics Championship is presented with a unique Gold Medal, kindly donated by the Auckland Grammar School Old Boys’ Association.


Training takes place five mornings a week (from 7.30am), with some after school trainings for field events during the summer terms. An up-to-date training schedule is published at the beginning of each summer term. The expectation is that all athletes will come to two trainings for their specialist events.

The School is very fortunate to have a team of experienced and enthusiastic coaches, comprising both Grammar teachers as well as several outside specialists (marked by *). More events will be added to the training list in due course once coaches are confirmed.

  • Mr Blackwell – Coaching overview, hurdles and relays
  • Mr Oates – Middle Distance
  • * Mr Wyatt – Sprints
  • * Mr Hall – Shot Put, Discus and Javelin
  • * Mr Thorpe – Jumps

Middle Distance Running

The Middle Distance group at Grammar is a friendly and high performing group. We cater for all enthusiastic athletes, regardless of ability. Our only criteria is that we want students who want to improve.

Last December, at Nationals, Grammar won 17 medals, 10 by members of our group, including three National titles.

We train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7.30am. We recognise that younger athletes may find training three times a week daunting, so if you only want to come twice a week that is fine.

Many of our senior athletes do three full trainings a week, together with a long run, two easy ‘recovery runs’ and a rest day. Students who get into running may choose to gradually build their workload towards this level. Athletes will all get a personalised training programme that takes into account their level, how much running they want to do and any other commitments that they have.

You can wear any suitable running gear, school uniform is not necessary, but PE uniform is fine. Most boys arrive at school dressed to run, but make sure that you remember all items of your school uniform for the day including shoes.

On Wednesday 24 January, all Form 3 students will take part in Grammar’s Athletics Experience day. As part of this there is an 800m race, students with promising times will have their names taken. We expect that all of these boys will enter a middle distance running event at the School Athletics Day on Thursday 15 February. Even if your name is not taken, you are still very welcome to join our group. Two members of our 4x400m relay team did not get their names taken when they started in Form 3, but were National Champions less than two years later!

We will have a special training for new Form 3 athletes at 7.30 am on Thursday 25 January, get here 10 minutes early, so that you are ready to run at 7.30 sharp. All those that had their names taken for the 800m and all other enthusiastic runners should attend.

We look forward to welcoming many new athletes to our group. You will get to train with NZ reps, get to know students in every year group, make great friends, train hard and have a lot of fun.

After holding the annual School Athletics Day on campus for the first time in over two decades in February, Headmaster’s Heritage Committee leader Vishwas Iyer spoke to 2022 Captain of Athletics Eddie Chaytor. Eddie is involved with Rugby and Touch Rugby, but credits the mandatory Prep sessions at Tibbs House with helping him find a great balance between study and practice – watch the full interview below.

Key dates and costs

Terms played: Term 1 and National Championships late Term 4

Game days: There are various events in Term 1:

  • School Athletic Sports – early Term 1
  • Central Zonal Championships (alternating between Mount Smart Stadium and the Trusts Arena) – March
  • Greater Auckland Championships (Mount Smart Stadium) – March
  • North Island Championships – April
  • New Zealand Secondary Schools Track and Field Championships – December

Costs: There is a $40 Athletics registration for entry into the School Athletics Sports. The athletics uniform is available from the School Shop, but this is only required if students are selected for the Auckland Championships, North Island or National Championships

Equipment: Spikes are optional

Master in Charge: N. Leiseder. Students are able to speak to him in H2 during the School day or contact him via email.