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School Examinations

Examinations are an integral aspect of life at Auckland Grammar School. Every student sits examinations in all core subjects three times a year and they are used to classify students in a class appropriate to their ability and effort.

School internal examinations also provide valuable practice for external examinations in both the Cambridge and NCEA classes, and for any tertiary study undertaken once a student leaves the School.

It is imperative that each student is given the opportunity in internal examinations to demonstrate their understand and practice examination technique. Therefore, any attempt to remove students early from the School during these examination periods is actively discouraged, as it will impact on future placements and may potentially limit the opportunity for entry to university.

Term 2 Examination Timetable

The confirmed Term 2 examination timetable is now available for students, for the examination period of Friday 1 – Friday 8 July. Click here to download it as a PDF document.