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Grammar Online

In our pursuit of academic excellence and pre-eminence in boys’ education, Auckland Grammar School provides for our learners a state-of-the-art learning management system: GrammarNet.

GrammarNet is a safe, secure and structured forum for School leaders, teachers and students to interact online.

GrammarNet allows teachers to provide their students with access to digital content such as slideshows, notes, forms and audio-visual content, as well as access to the courses of learning that have been constructed by their departments.

Many students will use GrammarNet class pages daily to access their homework, to complete set tasks and activities, and to access tasks through online learning programmes such as Education Perfect and Maths Buddy.

During the regional and national disruptions to schooling that have taken place over the past couple of years, GrammarNet has been the system that we have fallen back on in order to ensure that our students receive continuity in direct instruction and assessment so that teaching and learning is minimally disrupted. The outstanding results that our students have achieved are in-part due to our teachers’ efforts in providing this significant resource to support their learning online.

Some of the features of GrammarNet which teachers may use to provide for your son include:

  • Group pages to facilitate information about sporting, cultural and other extra-curricular activities in which our students are involved.
  • A quiz module for teachers to provide frequent low stakes formative assessment and revision opportunities
  • Homework and set task modules for teachers to be better able to provide feedback on students’ work
  • A plagiarism checker with which Auckland Grammar teachers are empowered to further ensure that the highest standards of academic fidelity are encouraged and maintained

Why are we doing this?

Vision: Auckland Grammar School aims to set the standard for pre-eminence in boys’ secondary education. Our strong academic record is a direct result of expert instruction from our teaching staff. GrammarNet provides our specialist teachers with another powerful tool to further our vision.

Values: At Auckland Grammar School we strive to uphold values including of integrityexcellence, and commitment. GrammarNet provides an additional forum for engagement with the wider academic, sporting and cultural lives of our young men in order to model and promote these values.

Mission: We expect our students to pursue excellence in acquiring knowledge and skills while embracing and upholding our values. GrammarNet provides another platform for teachers to provide explicit and expert instruction, and for students to take agency over their own learning.

All Auckland Grammar School students are currently able to log in to GrammarNet and entering their Grammar username and password.

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