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Scholarship Information

New Zealand Scholarships Information

Auckland Grammar School students who are considering applying for scholarships to help assist with tertiary study have a wide range of options.

Universities and other tertiary organisations have provided information on their scholarships including their worth, how many are awarded, how they can assist students and the application closing date.

The Scholarship Directory on the MoneyHub website is a very useful tool for students and lists all available university scholarships. If students have any questions, they must speak with Deputy Headmaster – Academic D. Oram.

If students would like the School’s support with scholarship applications, it is essential that you also complete the online Leaver’s Record of Achievement Form.

Applying for study at UK and US-based universities

The process for applying to international universities can be quite complex, but Student Services is here to support students through this. There are a number of tasks that students will have to complete, but this varies widely depending on the country and university they intend to apply to. If students are considering such an application, it is important they note:

  • Auckland Grammar will only support applications to universities in a maximum of two international countries
  • There are very strict deadlines which students have to meet in order to receive support from Auckland Grammar for these applications. These often differ to deadlines advertised by specific universities. The Grammar deadlines will be well advertised within the  School from the end of Term 1
  • If a student is considering using an agent to assist their international university application, we recommend that they come and speak to a staff member in the Student Services department first to discuss what support the school can offer.
  • Auckland Grammar only supports the application process. Once university offers have been received, it will be up to the individual student to manage arrangements to attend the specific university. This includes all travel, visas and accommodation

The following Counsellors can assist your son with his scholarship, university and university hostel applications:

  • G. Martin – universities in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States
  • E. Peacock – universities in New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific
  • G. Edwards – apprenticeships, cadetships and pathways