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Piano and Keyboard

Unfortunately we cannot offer piano/keyboard lessons at Auckland Grammar School. Due to funding constraints, we can only offer group tuition through our Itinerant Music scheme. This means that it is impossible to offer piano/keyboard lessons (which require individual tuition).

We do have a list of private piano teachers that we can recommend – please contact J. Mackenzie in the Music department via email at for advice.

All of our best pianists also play a second instrument to enable them to play with school orchestras and bands. Old Boy Chenxiao Chen ’13, who was the winner of the 2017 Ronisch Piano Competition, also played the flute as a member of the Symphony Orchestra and the Premier Concert Band.

Although we cannot offer piano/keyboard lessons, we do wish to support wherever possible, students who have invested time and effort into achieving a high standard of musicianship. The Head of Music would be happy to discuss suitable pathways and performance opportunities for your son during their time at Auckland Grammar School.

Possible performance opportunities for our best pianists at Auckland Grammar School include:

  • The School’s Big Band (Jazz specialist)
  • Major Production Orchestra
  • Premier Concert Band
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Chamber Music Groups
  • Choir
  • Minister’s Plate or Junior Music Plate competition
  • Form 3 Piano Cup competition