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Life at Grammar

Auckland Grammar School offers an environment that is ideal for growing boys. We believe that tomorrow’s well-rounded individuals will understand life’s balancing act and be able to contribute positively to society and be responsible citizens.

Auckland Grammar School prides itself on its academic record, challenging, inspiring and preparing students for the future, to become the best versions of themselves. The School offers a dual qualification pathway: the New Zealand National Certificate of Education Achievement (NCEA) and the University of Cambridge International Exams (CAIE).

Auckland Grammar School recognises that extracurricular activities are an important part to a young man’s personal development.

There is a long history of competing at the very top of New Zealand’s school sports from Rugby to Athletics and an ever-growing variety of different sports. Our facilities and people are world-class, providing a strong foundation for every boy who wants to immerse themselves in extracurricular activities. 

We enable our students with tools to express themselves and help them excel in a wide range of Arts and Cultural Activities like music, cultural groups, school productions and debating.


Tibbs House opened in 1962 to provide opportunities for boys outside of the Auckland area to attend Grammar.

International Students

Auckland Grammar School warmly welcomes international students to join our diverse, engaging and rewarding school community.

Student Services

Every young person needs the opportunity to transition successfully from school to further learning and work with aspirations.

Auckland Grammar Camp

Students will gain valuable skills in often challenging situations, while discovering and building on their strengths, their interests, their knowledge and their personality.