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Percussion and Drum-kit

Orchestral Percussion

Percussion is the perfect choice for pianists or drum-kit players who wish to become involved in one or more of the School’s major performance groups.

The Symphony Orchestra, Premier Concert Band and Wind Band all need a team of highly trained, reliable musicians to play a range of percussion from timpani and xylophone to snare drum and congas. Sometimes there is an opportunity to play drum-kit in the Premier Concert Band or Wind Band.

Percussionists must be able to read music, have an excellent sense of rhythm and must be highly organised!

Percussion classes are taught by Steven Logan – click here to enrol for lessons.

Pipe Band Drumming

The School’s highly acclaimed Pipe Band would warmly welcome new drummers into their Corps of Drums section.  Snare, tenor and bass drums lessons are available for students who wish to extend their drumming repertoire by learning the specialist techniques necessary for the Corps of Drums.

Pipe Band Drumming lessons are taught by Glen Rodgers – click here to enrol for lessons. 


Due to funding constraints, we can only offer group tuition through our Itinerant Music scheme.  This means that it is impossible to offer drum-kit lessons (which require individual tuition). However, please keep in mind that students who enrol for Option Music from Form 4 will be given priority for drum-kit lessons (strictly subject to availability).

We do wish to support wherever possible, students who have invested time and effort into achieving a high standard of musicianship. Experienced drummers may audition to be a member of the Jazz Combo or the Big Band. The Head of Music would be happy to discuss suitable pathways and performance opportunities for your son during their time at Auckland Grammar School.

Alternatively, please consider Orchestral Percussion or Pipe Band Drumming lessons or private tuition outside of School.