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Expectations of students and uniform

The following are expected of every young man attending Auckland Grammar School. He is to:

  • Arrive on time, well groomed
  • Wear the correct uniform well and with pride
  • Be fully prepared for each class
  • Only enter the classroom under the direction of the Master
  • Obey the instructions of the Master
  • Act in a way which does not interfere with the rights of others to learn
  • Refrain from offensive behaviour and from using offensive language
  • Leave the room clean and tidy and not exit until directed by the Master
  • Give of his best always
  • Co-operate with the staff and accept the authority and rules and regulations of the School


Homework serves as an intellectual discipline, establishes study habits, allows more time to cover work and supplements and reinforces work done in School. It fosters student initiative, independence and responsibility and helps to bring home and school closer together. Students must learn that education does not stop and start at the school gate.

Masters will always insist that your son uses his School Diary to record all homework and projects. It is requested that you sign his diary every weekend.

Teachers set homework so students can:

  • Practise what they have learned in school
  • Prepare for the next day’s lessons
  • Use resources such as libraries and online resources (in particular, GrammarNet)
  • Learn things they don’t have time to learn in school
  • Develop good study habits
  • Become independent learners

There are four ways to help your son with homework:

1) Show him you think education and homework are important:

  • Set a regular time for homework.
  • Provide a place to study that is fairly quiet and well-lit. A desk is good but the kitchen table can work just as well.
  • Turn off all devices and restrict social interactions during homework time. Encourage all the family to find quiet activities.
  • Assemble all the paper, pens and equipment your son needs and keep them tidy and accessible.
  • Set an example by reading or writing yourself.
  • Take your son to the library to access further information needed for homework.

2) Check your son’s work:

  • Ask what the Master expects and how the Master wants you to be involved. Some masters only want you to make sure the work is done; others want you to go over the homework and help your son.
  • Check to see assignments are started and finished on time.
  • Work out a programme with your son so there is time for sports, clubs, homework and family interactions.
  • Check your son fills in his School Diary.
  • Ask to see the homework once it has been marked and returned

3) Give guidance:

  • Find out how your son learns best and build on this.
  • Encourage good study habits by discussing how much time an assignment is likely to take, the preparation needed, resources to find.
  • Ask questions about assignments to see if your son understands what is required.
  • Give praise. Everyone likes to be told when they have done a good job. Keep criticism to a minimum and then offer constructive suggestions.
  • Ask to see the homework once it has been marked and returned.

4) Discuss problems with the School:

  • Contact the Master if your son is having constant difficulties with homework, organisation, time management or understanding.
  • Homework may be too hard, not hard enough or there is too much of it. Masters will appreciate hearing from you if there is a problem as they want to set homework students can finish successfully.

Questions to ask your son:

  • What homework do you have today?
  • Do you understand what you have to do?
  • When do you have to hand it in?
  • Do you need special resources or equipment?
  • Have you started today’s homework? Have you finished it?
  • For a major project, have you written a plan?

School Uniform

All boys require the following items, which need to be clearly named:

  • Shorts, black/navy regulation
  • Belt, black leather
  • Shirt, black/navy regulation with long sleeves
  • Socks, long, regulation plain black (without coloured stripes), with garters
  • Shoes, black hard leather lace-up, no slip on shoes. Likewise, black sports/running shoes are not permitted
  • Jersey, navy blue with two gold bands and the Gold Grammar Lion
  • Brown leather sandals may be worn (with a back strap) in Term 1 and Term 4
  • Physical Education uniform (Forms 3 and 4)
  • Stationery Pack (Form 3 only)

This official uniform is available from the Auckland Grammar School Shop located on the ‘D’ Floor of the Main Block.

The School uniform is compulsory for all students. This uniform includes all the School uniform items that display the Auckland Grammar logo (jersey, School jacket, cap, formal wear) and all sportswear. Only the current version of the School jacket, as displayed in the School Shop, is to be worn.

Click here for the 2024/2025 uniform pricing list.

The School Shop is open daily from 8:30am – 1:30pm during term times. Physical Education uniforms can only be purchased from the Auckland Grammar School Shop. This shop also sells stationery, sports gear and School memorabilia.

Click here for a photo gallery of the correct Auckland Grammar School uniform appearance.