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Information Services


Auckland Grammar School has made considerable progress in developing a robust, sustainable Information and Communications Technology (ICT) plan. We place our emphasis on a maintaining a quality network infrastructure, integration which enhances classroom learning, and quality staff professional development. The main goal of this department is to provide resources and support in the use of ICT for academic classroom work.

ICT Facilities

Grammar has approximately 550 computers and other devices. This is a complex network, especially given the wide range of software required for both administration and classroom use. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional is the primary operating system used throughout the school.

Grammar staff are provided with laptops by the Board of Trustees, under the TELA laptop scheme. As a result, there is enhanced use of ICT in all departments, complimented by access to data projectors and the internet.

Students have access to excellent facilities for research, analysis, scanning, video editing, and colour and black and white printing. Each student receives an individual logon and password and school supplied email address.

If you have any further questions please contact our staff today.