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Annual Swimming Sports Championships

The Annual Swimming Sports Championships

The 2022 School Swimming Championships were held on Thursday February 10 at the Lagoon Pool Complex in Panmure. Our best swimmers contested a maximum of nine races from 50m to 200m, across all strokes.

A number of school records were beaten over the day with Form 3 student S. Karpov setting a new record in the 50-metre butterfly, Form 5 student H. P. Klouwens breaking the 50m freestyle record and Form 3 student J. Zhu setting the fasted equal time in the 100m breaststroke.

The Junior championship was hotly contested, with three swimmers leading the way in most races. Zhu, with three first placings and two seconds, secured the title. His classmate C. A. S Forsyth was second overall with two first placings, and in a three-way tie for third place overall was V. H. Hopkinson, Y. Lee and O. J. Lei.

The Intermediate championship was very competitive this year with a talented and competitive field. Klouwens emerged as the Intermediate champion due to his consistency across all strokes, taking four wins and a second placing. He was pushed all the way by Form 5 student L. S. Gibson who, despite three first placings, was second overall. With a solid performance, one first and three second placings, Gibson’s classmate D. S. Li finished in third place.

The Senior championships produced two outstanding performances. Form 6 student J. J. Kennard took out the title with five wins. With only four points between them, 2022 Captain of Swimming L. W. Hair was a close second place overall with four first placings, and Form 7 student J. N. Drake, with a strong performance across all events, finished in third.

Message from the Headmaster – February 2022

Headmaster Tim O'Connor

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the 2022 academic year. We once again extend a special welcome to Form 3 students, new students at all levels and parents new to Grammar.

I do commend and acknowledge our young men for their preparedness to return to School on Tuesday 25 January, meeting or exceeding our expectations. They have collectively set the tone for 2022 and allowed senior staff to focus on solving subject-related issues, so that we could be on full timetable on Thursday 27 January. This has meant we have now completed 10 full days of teaching and we look forward to our first full week of teaching on Monday.

As we started the academic year, we welcomed 12 new teachers to Grammar. All have been employed for their specialist knowledge across a range of subjects. They include teachers with extensive knowledge of the Cambridge and NCEA qualification pathways. We look forward to their contributions throughout the year.

Over these first three weeks, I have continued to remind your sons that to get the very best out of Grammar requires their full commitment to their studies as well as balancing this with involvement in extracurricular activities. The old adage, ‘what you put in, is what you get out’ rings true as we close Week 3 of Term 1.

2022 Prefects

Our first congratulations of the year were offered to the 2022 Head Prefect Louis Eglinton, and the Deputy Head Prefect William Jones. As is tradition, Louis was the first student of the year to cross the stage, closely followed by William and Senior Prefects William Cotter, Apa Fatialofa, Matthew Griffiths and Tom Hiddleston.

Along with the full Prefect Team named at the end of the first week of term, we look forward to their leadership and the contributions they will make to Grammar life this year. More details on the 2022 Prefects can be found here.

External Results

The 2021 external examination results met, and in many cases, exceeded our annual targets and we have congratulated those young men who met their potential last year. A full report on academic results will be provided in next month’s Bulletin. In the interim we acknowledge the success experienced in Cambridge Examinations and NZQA Scholarship Examinations:

  • Our young men earned 26 awards in the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards. These included eight Top in the World Awards, nine Top in New Zealand Awards and eight High Achievement Awards (for top in New Zealand for a subject with limited entries). We also congratulate 2022 Prefect Ryaan Sidhu for earning the top award in AS in the country – Best Across 4 AS subjects
  • In NZQA Scholarship examinations our young men earned 160 scholarships, 24 of which were graded as outstanding scholarships


The School continues to take its responsibilities to student and staff health and safety very seriously. As such if your son is sick at any time we ask you to keep him home, and seek the advice of your Family Doctor before he returns to School. 

Students who are well are expected to attend School daily, to apply hand sanitiser at the start of each day (this is available at all entrances to the Main Block), and to follow other hygienic practices including washing their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your son’s health please contact our Health Centre.

Should your son be identified as a close contact, been at a location of interest, or tests positive for COVID-19, please keep him home and email the School on as soon as possible. We will then make prompt contact with you for further information.

You can be assured that staff have worked ardently to ensure our On-line Learning Management System, GrammarNet, was operational as early as possible in the academic year. Your son, no matter what year level, will now be receiving resources and some homework from his subject teachers via this platform.

It is important your son familiarises himself with GrammarNet and its functionality to advance his learning outside of School hours. Students need to be familiar with GrammarNet as it may be the only way they will receive class work if required to self-isolate.

Finally, we look forward to working with you throughout 2022 as we work to advance students retention of disciplinary knowledge and the habits that support its acquisition. We enjoy partnering with parents as we encourage your sons to recognise and develop their potential and gain pride and satisfaction by setting demanding personal goals while striving to attain them.

Per Angusta Ad Augusta

Tim O’Connor

Health Centre Update

Health Centre

Our Health Centre provides a professional service for students during the School day. As we move into winter, students’ personal health can affect their ability to attend and/or to actively participate in School activities.  We also want to maximise class time and high rates of attendance, as we know the impact in-person teaching and regular attendance does have on student learning and their wellbeing.  

Our nurses draw this to your attention so that you can be proactive in prevention (or protecting students from these illnesses) as they are easily spread in a communal environment. If your son is unwell, or he displays symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, headache or temperature, we would encourage you to keep him home to fully recover and thereby prevent the spread of infection.

There have been messages given to students in assembly regarding the advice we are receiving from medical professionals about the onset of seasonal influenza and respiratory viruses. The advice includes considering the flu vaccine, consider wearing a mask in close spaces such as public transport, washing hands regularly, applying hand sanitiser and staying home if sick.

If your son has an important test or assessment, please communicate directly with your son’s Dean who will be able to provide you with advice and guidance. If you are taking your son to the Doctor, request a medical certificate to show he was unfit for School. If he has missed all or part of an NCEA Internal Assessment, he will need to see Associate Headmaster – Academic Dr John Etty within three days of his return to School.

As our nurses are regularly sending students home who are unwell, they do want to be able to communicate with parents promptly and effectively. They can only do so if we have your correct contact and emergency contact details in our Student Management System. You can view these details via the Parent Portal and provide any updated information via email.

Remember if your son is injured or ill (particularly after a weekend), please ensure he is taken to the appropriate medical professional for diagnosis and treatment before returning to School. Prompt attention shortens the recovery process and is strongly recommended.

Important Notices from the Headmaster – February 2022

Auckland Grammar School

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Should your son be identified as a close contact or receive a positive result from a COVID test, we ask you to inform the School immediately via email at
  • Should your son be self-isolating after being at a location of interest, please inform Attendance in the usual manner via your Parent Portal account
  • Should your son feel unwell, including exhibiting cold or flu like symptoms, please keep him home, and if symptoms persist, get a COVID test. He should only return to school after returning a negative test
  • Please do not contact teachers directly to ask for work to be set for your son. Once you have communicated your son’s situation via email, we will contact you directly and coordinate communications with teachers
  • Students who are required to isolate for 10 days will be provided class work via GrammarNet, after you have emailed the School
  • Students who are feeling unwell and stay at home awaiting a negative result, should check GrammarNet for homework and get subject work from classmates
  • A copy of the School’s COVID-19 Health and Safety Red Setting Protocols can be found here

Student Vaccination status for Sport and EOTC

Thank you for providing the School with your son’s vaccination status. This information helps us to continue to operate in a safe manner on-campus.

You will be aware that College Sport Auckland has made full vaccination a condition of eligibility for any students wanting to compete in any sanctioned secondary school sporting competitions this year. For Auckland Grammar School this means if your son wants to represent the School in any sport he (or you, as his legal guardian) will need to have provided the School with proof he is vaccinated.

Currently, involvement in most of our scheduled Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) activities requires students to be vaccinated. This includes Form 4 camps at Venturelodge where we use a number of external providers to deliver specialist outdoor education programmes. This does mean if your son wants to be involved in scheduled EOTC activities the School will need to have received evidence from you that he is vaccinated. Alternate arrangements for the provision of learning will be made for students whose vaccination status is not disclosed to the School or he is unvaccinated.

If you have not yet provided the School with your son’s vaccination records or his vaccination status has changed to fully vaccinated please provide us with this information via the parent portal. Once logged in to the portal, under the ‘Notifications’ header you will find the button ‘Available eforms’ as shown in red below.

Student Vaccination status for Sport and EOTC

This will then open a window with the COVID Vaccination Record as an option and allow you to complete the information fields. This information is held securely and we will continue to we will continue to apply the School’s Privacy Policy and the Privacy Act 2020.


If your son is absent, we ask you to immediately complete the Absence Notification e-form that is accessed within the Parent Portal on the day of his absence. This is a legal requirement and is part of our duty of care which we cannot fulfil without your co-operation.

Parents should log-in and click on the Absence Notification link under “Student Information”, which is found on the Parent Portal home page (see below):


You should be aware that submitting an e-form verifies your son’s absence and will generate an automatic response to the email address you have provided us. It is important that you do not disclose your Parent Portal login and password details to your son, to ensure the legitimacy of this functionality.

There is no requirement to phone the School nor to provide a written note to notify us of an absence.

If your son is late to school, due to a pre-arranged appointment, please provide him with a written note to be handed to our Student Office staff upon his arrival.

Please note that the above system for notifying the School of your son’s absence does not apply for exeat requests, where temporary leave is sought for medical appointments during the School day. Instead your son should bring a note to the Deputy Headmaster immediately after Assembly (which is either Livestreamed or in person dependent upon Covid Protection Framework settings) to receive approval to leave the campus for appointments throughout the School day. When your son provides this note to the Deputy Headmaster, he will be given a permission slip to allow him to leave his lesson at the appropriate time, at which point he must formally sign out at the Student & Enrolment Office before departing.

Please ensure that your son attends School every day unless there is a genuine reason such as sickness or bereavement. The School does not support casual breaks during term time as such absences impact on the standard of education we can provide. Please communicate with me directly ( if you are requesting Official Leave for your son. Please note that other than bereavements or national/international representative duties for a variety of extra-curricular activities, no official leave is granted. Furthermore, no extended holiday leave is provided either prior to or after the official school holidays.

New Staff members

At our first full School assembly we welcomed our new teachers for 2022. It is our pleasure to inform you that the following masters have joined the Grammar staff. Once the Covid Protection Framework Alert Level Settings permit, you will get the opportunity to meet them at School functions and activities. We welcome:

  • Art – Miss Sally Mountfort
  • Accounting/Economics – Mr Sam Adam
  • Accounting/Economics/Business Studies – Mrs Vikashni Lal
  • Biology/Science – Mr Vijay Kosna
  • Counsellor – Mr Theon Ng
  • Development Office Assistant – Miss Tayla Curry
  • English – Mr Martin Kerr
  • Geography – Miss Faith Broadbent
  • Mathematics – Mr Amir Razjou
  • Mathematics – Miss Lauren Sweeny
  • Music – Mrs Christina Hahm
  • Physical Education – Mr Tom Overbury
  • Physical Education – Mr Shoruban Pasupati
  • Physics/Science – Mr Zhenmin (James) Zhu
  • Property Assistant – Ms Lisa Godfery
  • School Shop Manager – Mrs Serra Galuvao
  • Teacher Aide – Mr Adam Sawyer
  • Teacher Aide – Ms Te Awhina Tibble

New staff at Auckland Grammar School for 2022

Mountain Road

Please consider Gates 1-4 closed for vehicular access at the start and end of the School day. It is not practical for staff to manage traffic trying to enter our gates at peak times of the School day and this poses a significant risk for the 2600 young men who are entering or exiting the School grounds on foot.

If you are dropping your son off or picking him up, please do this in one of the streets around the School, rather than on Mountain Rd, in front of the School or by trying to enter Gates 1-4. Please be aware that for health and safety reasons Barnett Crescent now has electronic bollards nearest to Clive Road. These will remain up during the School day. We appreciate your co-operation in this regard.

If your son carries heavy musical equipment (eg a cello), then you may wish to drop your son and his instrument off via Gates 1-4 before 8.00am and pick him up well after 3.30pm.

Controlled Crossing
At the beginning and end of the day the sheer volume of students arriving or leaving the School poses an issue for motorists. We remind students and parents crossing Mountain Rd or Clive Rd to use the crossings available, rather than crossing the road at other points of two very busy roads.

Student Driven Vehicles

Form 6 or 7 students who have completed the School’s permission process to bring a vehicle to School, do have permission to drive a car to School. Students at other year levels do not have permission to drive a vehicle to School.

We remind parents and our young men that this permission does not extend to carrying passengers, unless both the School and parents have approved it in writing. This also includes driving to School-related extracurricular activities.

Please contact Deputy Headmaster – Senior School Mr Lobb for further information about student driven vehicles.

Daily Notices

The notices read to the School each day in assembly are available to all young men and parents on our website. If you would like to access these in order to discuss some of the activities available to your son, click here.


We have already sent a number of key messages and reminders to parents electronically this year. Key information for parents will continue to be sent to you electronically throughout the year. If we do not have your current email address or current mobile number please email this to or submit the changes via the Parent Portal. 

Information regarding our electronic Parent Portal has been distributed. The Portal should provide you with ready access to some of the information we hold on your son, including his attendance record and academic results. We hope you find the Portal useful.

The School website holds considerable information about day to day School life, including the School Schedule (calendar of events and activities), staff contact details and easy access contact information for Deans of Year Levels. We also celebrate a considerable number of student achievements on the website and social media.


GrammarNet, the School’s online Learning Management System, is available for all students. Currently all students have access to class pages provided and administered by each of their subject masters, as well as access to student resources, sporting and cultural groups, and storage space for their own files. Students can access GrammarNet here and typing in their school assigned username and password.

Students can use their class pages to access engaging course material and useful files and folders to augment their classroom notes and exercises. Some teachers may require students to do homework, submit work or complete tests and quizzes through the platform at times.

If the School needs to move from on-campus learning to on-line learning then GrammarNet will continue to be the system used. It is imperative that students are familiar with its use.

More information can be found on our website here.

Extracurricular Activities

With the start of the School year I would like to bring your attention to the wealth of extracurricular activities the School has to offer our young men. Details on these activities are being shared with the School in daily assemblies and communicated on the many noticeboards around the school. Please encourage your son to get involved with the extracurricular life of the School and start managing his time to gain the all-important balance between academic and extracurricular activities.

For further information about extracurricular activities do refer to the sports and/or daily notices sections of the School’s website.

As your son shows an interest in a range of extracurricular activities, the Master in Charge of that code will provide you with an indication of the fees/costs associated with each activity.

If your son elects to participate in an activity that has associated costs, an electronic invoice will be sent to you and it will appear ready for payment on the Parent Portal. We would encourage parents to use the portal as a primary form of making payments to the School as electronic receipting is automated and we hope you find it to be a user-friendly system.


A reminder that the organisation of the School day on Tuesdays is different to all other days of the week. Form 5 students will have an 8-period day finishing at 3.30pm, whereas all other year levels will have a 7-period day concluding at 2.50pm.

School Rules

A link to our School rules was sent home electronically to each family prior to the beginning of the academic year, and is available here on the School website. If any of the rules are unclear or ambiguous, please contact me directly for further clarification. It is vital that our young men and parents understand what is expected of them within our School environment.

Uniform and Grooming

Please note that at any time your son chooses to wear his uniform, whether it is after school, in town, or after a practice, he is expected to wear it in appropriate fashion and with pride. He is identified as an Auckland Grammar School student and as such all school rules will apply to him while he wears our uniform. Please do not allow your son to wear partial uniform in his own time as this simply provides a perception of mediocrity.

We expect our young men to be well-groomed at all times. A haircut that meets our clearly articulated guidelines, a shirt tucked in and socks pulled up does send a clear message of belonging to all in the Grammar community and the general public.

Smart Devices

We do not permit mobile phones or smart devices being used or visible on our campus between 8am – 3:30pm. We do acknowledge that some students now wear smart watches. The School currently permits these to be worn for the functionality of telling the time, however, accessing digital content remains prohibited during School hours. Within the context of internal and external examinations, smart watches are not permitted to be in an examination venue.

If your son does bring a smart device (other than a watch) to School, it should be kept in his bag at all times and be switched off. We recommend such items are not brought to School as we cannot be responsible for their whereabouts or loss. Furthermore, personal electronic equipment may not be used on School trips.

If a student is found using a mobile phone or smart device it may be confiscated by a teacher and delivered to Deputy Headmaster Pastoral – Junior School Mr Askew who will store the device securely for seven days.

Your son may see Mr Askew after School any time after the seventh day to retrieve the phone or device. Please help us by not requesting the device to be returned any sooner.

Auckland Transport – School Buses

Auckland Transport provide a regular School bus service that begins after school daily around 3.20pm. Please note that when the School finishes early, either at 3pm because of a wet day, or at 2.50pm on Tuesdays for all levels other than Form 5, the bus service times remain the same. Parents may wish to discuss alternative transport arrangements with your sons.


Our thanks are extended to all parents who have paid the 2022 School Donation. Many parents have done this via the Parent Portal and we do appreciate your support. A written communication about this year’s donation was recently posted to parents.

Key Dates in February

  • Friday 18 February – Scholars’ Assembly (Livestreamed)
  • Wednesday 23 February – Athletics Sports Day

2021 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

On Thursday 3 February, we acknowledged and celebrated the success of students who earned Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards in 2021. These awards are given to students who have achieved at the highest level in New Zealand and the world in last year’s Cambridge examinations.

Auckland Grammar School did exceptionally well, with our students winning eight High Achievement Awards, nine Top in New Zealand and eight Top in the World Awards in 2021 which is most impressive given that last year over two million students sat Cambridge International examinations in more than 10,000 schools around the world.

Congratulations to the 9 Form 7 students who achieved tremendous results as Form 6 students:

  • A. Z. Wang – Top in New Zealand in AS Level Maths                                            
  • Z. Chen – Top in New Zealand in AS Level Accounting     
  • R. Eldik – Top in New Zealand in AS Level Classical Studies
  • D. L. Johnston – Top in New Zealand in AS Level Economics
  • H. Li – Top in the World in AS Level Mathematics
  • R. J. Pennington – Top in the World in AS Level Geography
  • O. C. Worker – Top in the World in AS Level Business Studies
  • S. Zhang – Top in New Zealand in AS Level History                                              

Special mention should be made of R. Sidhu who was awarded Best Across 4 AS Level Subjects and also Top in New Zealand in AS Chemistry, and to Form 6 student Z. Song who was awarded Top in the World in AS Level Mathematics, which he took as a Form 5 student.

  • J. Y. Mo – High Achievement in AS Level Accounting
  • J. R. Woodfield – High Achievement in AS Level Economics
  • R. Gan – High Achievement in AS Level Economics
  • M. Nan – High Achievement in AS Level Geography
  • P. Z. Han – High Achievement in AS Level Literature in English
  • J. Okada – High Achievement in AS Level Japanese Language
  • T. J. Johnson – High Achievement in AS Level Physical Education
  • O. Craddock – High Achievement in AS Level Spanish
  • E. Garg – Top in NZ in AS Level Chemistry
  • J. M. Sandelin – Top in NZ in A Level Business, Top in the World in AS Level History and Top in the World in A Level History
  • J. Z. Tang – Top in NZ in A Level Music
  • I. J. Mellis-Glynn – Top in the World in A Level Economics
  • E. Manning – Top in the World in A Level Literature in English

These current students and recent Old Boys will be recognised at the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Ceremony which will be held online on Tuesday 22 February.

Swimming Sports Registrations

Swimming Sports

Any students interested in attending the annual School Swimming Sports (to be held on Thursday 10 February at the Panmure Lagoon and Leisure Centre) must complete an entry form and permission slip.

These forms can be found in the foyer of the Sports Centre and must be completed by Friday 4 February. No late entries will be accepted.

If students have any questions about the Swimming Sports Day, they can speak with Master in Charge of Swimming Mr Potaka in the Science department during the School day or send him an email.

2022 Prefect Cohort

On Friday 28 January, the 2022 Prefect cohort was named. 35 Form 7 students were named to join Head Prefect Louis Eglinton, Deputy Head Prefect William Jones, and Senior Prefects William Cotter, Apa Fatialofa, Matthew Griffiths and Tom Hiddleston in leading the student body this year.

The 2022 Prefects are:

  • E. T. Apineru (Cross Country Senior, Interact Group, InZone Tutoring, Volleyball Senior Blue)
  • R. K. Browne (Debating Senior Open 3, Interact Group, Rugby 5A, Softball Senior Team)
  • E. W. Chaytor (Athletics Senior Team, Cricket Senior Red, Cross Country Senior, Rugby 1st XV)
  • E. H. S. Chignell (Basketball Under 17A, Chamber Music, Debating Regionals C Team, Library Monitor, Percussion, Symphony Orchestra)
  • T. F. Christensen (Distance Squad, Interact Group, Rowing, Squash Grammar Team 7)
  • C. J. W. Fletcher (Cricket 2nd XI Blue, Interact Group, Rugby 5A)
  • C. J. Fraser (Duke of Edinburgh Silver, Grammar Virtuosi, Grammar Voices, International Student Buddy Programme, Spanish Film Club, Symphony Orchestra, Grammar Virtuosi)
  • J. G. P. Fuafiva (Athletics Intermediate Team, Rugby 2A, Samoan Cultural Group)
  • D. J. Gasparich (Duke of Edinburgh Silver, Interact Group, International Student Buddy Programme, Library Monitor, Media Group, Water Polo Premier 2)
  • F. G. Jensen (Asian Group Drama Cast, Debating, Interact Group, Squash Grammar Team 7, Tennis Senior B2, Theatresports)
  • D. L. Johnston (Cricket 2nd XI Gold, Football Senior C5, Interact Group)
  • F. H. Maddison (Cycling Senior, Debating Senior Open 3, Interact Group, Triathlon Senior)
  • R. J. Maguire (Cross Country Senior, Duke of Edinburgh Silver, Interact Group, International Student Buddy Programme, Library Monitor, Tennis Senior B5, Theatresports)
  • T. E. Mandisodza (Cricket Senior White, Environmental Group, Football 3rd XI, Interact Group)
  • M. A. McCauley (Interact Group, International Student Buddy Programme, Rugby 5B, Theatresports)
  • X. T. Metivier (Interact Group, Water Polo Premier 1)
  • J. T. Murray (Kapa Haka Group, Tuakana-Teina Mentoring Programme)
  • T. A. L. Neumann (Basketball Under 17B, Kapa Haka Group, Tuakana-Teina Mentoring Programme)
  • E. R. Ole (Grammarphonics, Grammar Voices, Headmaster’s Heritage Committee, Interact Group, Media Group, Tongan Cultural Group, Volleyball Senior Gold)
  • L. A. Potman (Indian Cultural Group, Interact Group, Water Polo Senior B White)
  • S. J. Rackham (Cross Country Senior, Distance Squad Interact Group, InZone Tutoring, Rugby 5B)
  • M. Raniga (Concert Band, Cricket 2nd XI Blue, Interact Group, Spanish Film Club, Symphony Orchestra)
  • M. J. Ready (Cross Country Senior, Football Senior C5, Hockey 1st XI, Interact Group, Rowing)
  • D. Rutherford-Levien (Rowing Under 17 Squad, Rugby 2A)
  • R. Shi (Badminton Premier 1, Chamber Music, Duke of Edinburgh, InZone Tutoring, Korean Cultural Group, Yachting)
  • R. Sidhu (Asian Board Games Club, Amnesty International Committee, Chess Senior Open, Interact Group)
  • L. J. Sparling (Distance Squad, Interact Group, Rowing Under 17 Squad, Squash Grammar Team 7)
  • A. J. R. Stevens (Rowing Under 17 Squad)
  • N. H. K. Tuaopepe (Tuakana-Teina Mentoring Programme)
  • L. T. Vatuvei (Pasifika Group, Rugby 2A)
  • E. R. Walker (Literati, Symphony Orchestra, Theatresports)
  • B. S. Welch (Rowing Under 17 Squad, Rugby 4A)
  • M. Z. Yao (Asian Cultural Tutoring, Debating Premier Advanced 1, Debating B Team, Kendo, Literati)
  • J. P. Young (Cricket Senior Red, Interact Group, Rugby 5A)
  • Y. H. Zhu (Asian Group Drama Cast, Grammarphonics, Grammar Voices, Tennis Senior A3)