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Annual Swimming Sports Championships

The 2022 School Swimming Championships were held on Thursday February 10 at the Lagoon Pool Complex in Panmure. Our best swimmers contested a maximum of nine races from 50m to 200m, across all strokes.

A number of school records were beaten over the day with Form 3 student S. Karpov setting a new record in the 50-metre butterfly, Form 5 student H. P. Klouwens breaking the 50m freestyle record and Form 3 student J. Zhu setting the fasted equal time in the 100m breaststroke.

The Junior championship was hotly contested, with three swimmers leading the way in most races. Zhu, with three first placings and two seconds, secured the title. His classmate C. A. S Forsyth was second overall with two first placings, and in a three-way tie for third place overall was V. H. Hopkinson, Y. Lee and O. J. Lei.

The Intermediate championship was very competitive this year with a talented and competitive field. Klouwens emerged as the Intermediate champion due to his consistency across all strokes, taking four wins and a second placing. He was pushed all the way by Form 5 student L. S. Gibson who, despite three first placings, was second overall. With a solid performance, one first and three second placings, Gibson’s classmate D. S. Li finished in third place.

The Senior championships produced two outstanding performances. Form 6 student J. J. Kennard took out the title with five wins. With only four points between them, 2022 Captain of Swimming L. W. Hair was a close second place overall with four first placings, and Form 7 student J. N. Drake, with a strong performance across all events, finished in third.