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Fees and Refund Policy

All costs are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST. These fees are correct at the time of publishing and are annually reviewed by the Board of Trustees. The School reserves the right to adjust the fees when necessary.

Course fees

  • Tuition Fee – $23,750 per year
  • New student administration fee (non-refundable) – $650 per year
  • Returning student administration fee (non-refundable) – $350 per year
  • Ministry of Education levy – $430 per year

Accommodation fees

  • Homestay fee ($380 per week) – $17,480 for 46 weeks
  • Homestay Placement and Monitoring fee – $400 per year
  • Homestay Change Administration fee – $250 per change
  • Homestay Holding fee (Christmas closure only) – $350 as applicable
  • Residential Monitoring fee: Agent Homestay, Designated Caregiver, or Live with Parent (non-refundable) – $220 per house

Fixed fees

  • School Uniform (Form 5-7 students) – $587
  • School Uniform (Form 4 students) – $622
  • School Uniform (Form 3 students) – $640
  • Stationery and Art Pack (Form 3) – $55 subject required
  • Extracurricular activity fee (refundable, if unused) – $200 upon registration
  • School Camp fee – $695 (Form 4)

Variable fees

  • Travel and Medical Insurance (external provider) – $633 per year
  • Stationery and specific uniform items – $100-$210, dependent on subject
  • Extracurricular activities (such as sports fees, music tuition, instrument hire, field trips, sports tournament…) – $20 – $3,200 on enquiry

Additional external costs

  • NCEA Standard examination fee – $383.30 per year
  • AS and A2 examination fee – $184.95 per subject
  • Bus transportation to and from School (1-2 stages) – $.99 – $1.94 per ride

Offer of a Place

  1. All International Students must apply for admission to the School by accurately completing in full the International Student Application for Enrolment form, and providing the School with the necessary supporting documents. This will enable the School to promptly assess the application received.
  2. Applicants will then be invited to attend an admission interview by Skype, WeChat, Zoom or in person.
  3. Successful applicants will be issued with an Offer of a Place (‘Offer’) which is accompanied by an Invoice for the annual tuition fees and living costs.
  4. The Offer is made conditional upon a satisfactory level of English, as determined by Auckland Grammar School’s testing procedures.
  5. To accept the Offer, and therefore the terms and conditions of the Tuition Agreement for International Students, the fees must be paid in full to the School. Once payment has been received, the School will issue a Confirmation of a Place and a payment Receipt.
  6. The Confirmation of a Place and Receipt is required by Immigration New Zealand in order for a student to apply for a student visa.
  7. The Offer will remain valid for six weeks from the date of issue. If the Offer period expires, the student is able to contact the School to request the Offer be reissued, and the School may do so if places are available.
  8. The renewal of an Offer for each subsequent year of enrolment is not guaranteed by the School. The renewal of an Offer is based on the student’s academic progression, attendance, behaviour and amongst other factors, as determined by the School.

Disputes Resolution Scheme

An appeal authority operates through NZQA and any complaints and/or disputes will be dealt with under the published Code of Practice and/or the International Student Contract Dispute Resolution Scheme.

More information about this service can be found here


  1. International Students are not allowed to live alone or in a flatting situation while enrolled at Auckland Grammar.
  2. International Students who do not live with a parent or a designated caregiver are required to live in an Auckland Grammar approved homestay.
  3. The School is able to arrange homestay accommodation for the student, or approve a privately arranged homestay.
  4. All student accommodation is managed and regularly monitored by the School, as required by the Education Code of Practice 2016 (Pastoral Care of International Students).

Travel and Medical Insurance

  1. International Students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand, as required by the Education Code of Practice. An approved insurance policy can be arranged for the student via the School with Southern Cross Insurance.
  2. Most International Students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand. If you receive medical treatment during your visit, you may be liable for the full costs of that treatment. Full details on entitlements to publicly funded health services are available through the Ministry of Health and can be viewed on their website.
  3. The Accident Compensation Corporation provides accident insurance for all New Zealand residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand, but you may still be liable for all other medical and related costs. Further information can be viewed on the ACC website.

Fees Protection Policy
Auckland Grammar School has a fees protection procedure to ensure that International Student fees paid in advance are handled in a manner consistent with generally accepted accounting practice. The purpose is to ensure that those funds are secure and can be made available in accordance with the School’s refund policy.

Refunds Policy for International Students

All fees stated on the Offer of a Place are to be paid prior to the commencement of enrolment at Auckland Grammar School. Payment of fees is confirmation and acceptance of the Tuition Agreement for International Students (Contract of Enrolment) and adherence to School Rules and Regulations.

Tuition Fees

  1. There is no refund of tuition fees, except in very exceptional circumstances.
  2. In order to be considered for any refund, the Parent or Legal Guardian of an International Student must apply in writing to the Board of Trustees, setting out the special circumstances of the claim (refer to number 4) and must include suitable proof of evidence to support the claim.
  3. If the withdrawal is prior to the Student coming to New Zealand, the fees paid will be refunded in full minus a NZ$630 administration fee.
  4. If the student wishes to withdraw after arrival in New Zealand and commencement of a subject, course or programme, no refund will be made except where the Student is required to return home due to serious illness or the bereavement of an immediate family member. In that event the refund will be calculated in accordance with number 5.
  5. Where a student withdraws from a subject, course or programme at the School and is eligible to receive a refund, the Board of Trustees may refund to the person who paid the fees in respect of the subject, course or programme, any amount of the fees it thinks appropriate but any such amount will not exceed the sum of the following amounts:

  • 5.1 the Board’s best estimate of the cost to the School of providing tuition in the subject, course or programme for one student up to that time
  • 5.2 an amount that in the Board’s opinion reflects the use made by one student in the subject, course or programme of the School’s capital facilities
  • 5.3 the appropriate proportion of the amount paid by the Board in respect of the New Zealand Government levy for enrolling the student; and
  • 5.4 all other fees prescribed by the Board.

In the unlikely event that School ceases to be signatory to the Code of Practice, a provider, or is unable to provide a course of educational instruction as contracted with the International Student, then the tuition fees would be refunded in accordance with 5.1 to 5.4.

No refunds will be made, where the student:

  • Is asked to leave the School because of misconduct, continual disobedience, poor attendance, poor academic performance, violation of the School rules, criminal behaviour, cancellation of his housing contract, or providing misleading or false information as part of the admission and enrolment process;
  • Wishes to transfer to another school of any kind for whatever reason;
  • Returns home for any reason other than the International Student’s serious illness or the bereavement of an immediate family member;
  • Ceases to hold a valid visa; and/or
  • Acquires permanent residency status after having already enrolled at the School as an International Student.

Homestay Fees

The appropriate proportion of the amount paid in homestay fees will be refunded. The refunded amount will be minus the required two weeks’ written notice period, and minus the homestay monitoring and placement fee, and minus any other fees prescribed by the Board.

NOTE: Nothing in these procedures limits any rights that the student may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act or the Education and Training Act 2020.