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Arrival and Orientation

We are proud to offer you a first-class education and to aid your transition into our School community throughout the arrival and induction process.

Before enrolment you will receive the Pre-Arrival Guide and then attend a comprehensive Orientation Programme. Both parts introduce you to the School environment, its heritage and culture and set expectations for learning and living in New Zealand.

Even if you have studied at another New Zealand school, Auckland Grammar is uniquely different and the induction process will ensure you are well informed and ready to exceed within our school while making the most of life in Auckland. We also induct international parents and residential caregivers on the Grammar Way.

Term Dates

Please check your Offer letter for your enrolment start date, which matches the term dates below:

Arrival in New Zealand

Before arriving in Auckland, please review the Pre-Arrival Guide sent by email and complete the checklist in preparation for your enrolment at Auckland Grammar.

Where possible, it is suggested that you arrive in Auckland two days prior to the Orientation Programme. This will give you time to unpack, get over jet lag and become familiar with the local area. Depending on your type of accommodation, arrangements are made to collect you from the airport.

Orientation Programme

The majority of our new international students start in Term 1 (January), or Term 3 (July). Typically, orientation is conducted over two days, as there is a lot of information to understand and tasks to complete to ensure you are ready and equipped to make a positive start to your school life in New Zealand.

The orientation schedule includes:

  • Introduction to the International Department staff
  • Tour of the School campus
  • Ice-breaker activities
  • Information about the School facilities, rules, clubs and societies
  • English and Maths test to confirmed your class placement
  • Extracurricular activities and goals
  • Collect your uniform
  • Information about New Zealand life
  • Advice on living in a homestay
  • Subject selection and timetable check
  • Instructions on how to use GrammarNet

Subject Selection

Enrolment into individual subjects depends on a number of factors, including confirmation of prior learning, ability in chosen subjects, and at least an intermediate level of English. All students are additionally assessed on arrival at Grammar as part of our orientation programme, which includes class placement testing.

Please refer to the 2022 Course Handbook for the academic courses and subjects available. The International Department will guide students on subject choices and timetable during orientation.


You will become quickly familiar with the daily login to GrammarNet. This is the teaching and communication platform used by the School, form teachers, class teachers and the International Department.

There is also a lot of valuable resources and information available on the GrammarNet hub, accessible by you and your parents once your enrolment begins.