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Cyclone Gabrielle Collection

Auckland Grammar School

On Tuesday 7 March, the 2023 Prefect cohort will lead a fundraiser to help those affected by Cyclone Gabrielle. Any and all money raised will be given directly to the relief funds of the worst affected districts.

While the cyclone struck three weeks ago, the damage incurred is extensive and will take months and years to return to some form of normality for these communities. The flooding has subsided, but now there is an urgent and ongoing need for help to be given to those seriously affected. Many residents in some areas still have very limited or no access to water. 

A group of our Prefects will be stationed at the doors to the Main Block before assembly to collect cash donations, and EFTPOS will be available at the front of the Great Hall during interval and lunch. Alternatively, you are able to make an online donation, using the details below:

Auckland Grammar School Board
ASB account number: 12-3011-0156506-00
Particulars: Cyclone
Code: Gabrielle
Reference: Donation

This is an opportunity for our community to support others in their time of need, and is a great example of Grammar giving back.

The B. F. Connell Prize for Dux: R. Sidhu

2022 Dux, Ryaan Sidhu

The B.F. Connell Prize for Dux of the School is awarded to Ryaan Sidhu. Ryaan has maintained a place in the top four students in the A stream throughout his time at Auckland Grammar School.

His academic abilities are exceptional. In Form 6, he scored 95% in AS Biology, 96% in AS English, 97% – and Top in New Zealand – in AS Chemistry, 98% in AS Physics and 98% in A Level Mathematics. Moreover, he won the Association of Cambridge Schools award for Best Across Four AS Subjects in 2021.

Ryaan also achieved Outstanding Scholarships in Scholarship Calculus, Chemistry, Physics and Statistics, as well as Scholarships in Biology, Geography, Health and Physical Education and History. He was one of 12 students nationally to receive a Premier Scholars’ award. Ryaan was also top of the 2021 University Entrance Honours’ Board.

This year Ryaan has placed first in class in all of his subjects over the course of the year. In his final set of examinations, he scored 95% in A Level Biology, 96% in Chemistry, 98% in Physics and 98% in Scholarship Mathematics, giving him an overall aggregate for the year of 386 out of 400.

He has previously earned the Dr F. Wilson Lang Memorial Prize for Mathematics, the Delamare Prize for Biology, and the W. M. Jones Memorial Cup for Form 6 Mathematics. In 2022, he won the Ben Gould Prize for Chemistry, the Eric Astley Prize (Science and Mathematics) for First Place in Class, the O’Sullivan Prize for Biology, and the Rabone Prize for Form 7 Science.

Ryaan has actively engaged with extracurricular activities. He represented New Zealand at the International Young Naturalists’ Tournament in Minsk, Belarus in 2019. In 2022, he was selected for the training camps for both Biology and Chemistry Olympiad teams. He was selected in the New Zealand team that won Bronze at the International Chemistry Olympiad.

Ryaan has also been involved with World Vision, Asian Cultural Tutoring, Amnesty International, he has been a Mathex Mentor, played Chess, and been a member of the Interact and Programming Groups. He has also been a School Prefect in 2022.

Ryaan is a superb academic, being diligent, motivated, and passionate about his studies. He embodies the School’s values in a remarkable way, always maintaining a sense of good humour and humility.

The 2022 Sportsman of the Year: E. W. Pawson

Sportsman of the Year - Edward Pawson

The Sportsman of the Year is awarded to the student who is the highest performing sportsman in a single code, and the 2021 recipient is E. W. Pawson.

Edward Pawson has demonstrated sporting prowess and earned national recognition in Road and Track Cycling this year.

As captain of Cycling, Edward led the Senior A team to dominate all races in the Auckland Secondary Schools Team Trial series and individually, was second in the Under 20 Points Race.

At the North Island Secondary Schools Road Championships, he led the Senior A Team to first place in the Team Time Trial, before winning the Under 20 Road Race and Under 20 Criterium.

At the Northern Tour, he was third in the Under 20 Boys Individual Time Trial, first in the Under 20 Boys Criterium, first in the Under 20 Boys Criterium Sprint Race and first in the Under 20 Boys General Classification.

At the New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships, Edward captained the Senior A team as they won the Sir Bernard Fergusson trophy, while individually earning third place in both the Under 20 Road Race and the Under 20 Points race. At the North Island School Track Championships, he won the Under 20 Team Pursuit and Keirin. He finished second in the Under 20 Team Sprint, the 7500m Tempo Race and the Track Omnium, and was third in the 5000m Scratch race.

At the National Track Championships, he won the Under 20 3000m Team Pursuit, and podiumed in the Under 20 Keirin A Final, the Under 20 5000m Scratch race, the Under 20 7500m Tempo race and the Under 20 750m Team Sprint.

Representing New Zealand in April at the Oceania Track Championships in Brisbane, he won the Under 19 Madison and was second in the Under 19 Points race and 4000m Team Pursuit. Representing the New Zealand Junior Track Cycling team in August at the 2022 Junior Track World Championships in Israel, he won the Bronze in the Junior 4000m Team Pursuit and a creditable 11th in the Individual Pursuit.

At the recent College Sport Young Sportsperson of the Year Awards, Edward won the 2022 winner for Cycling, and was named the Overall Sportsman of the Year.

The Rope Cup recipient: L. M. Eglinton

Rope Cup recipient - Louis Eglinton

The Rope Cup is for the best all-round young man in the School, the young man who has been most outstanding for personality, leadership, strength of character, a sense of responsibility in performance of duties, scholarship, co-operation with staff and an athletic prowess and record in school activities.

The emphasis is on personal achievement – the best young man on the above points. Much of this could be achieved in his final year and the 2022 recipient is Head Prefect L. M. Eglinton.

Louis has distinguished himself for his intellect, quick wit, inclusive style of leadership and a good sense of humour. He has acquired a broad range of knowledge that he has utilised well in the Cambridge pathway over the last two years.

Louis has been fully committed to School life through the alignment of his words to his actions. He has acted with courage to uphold high expectations most readily seen as a Cricket player and Premier Touch player and in the quality of his interactions with others. He has represented the School with equanimity in all capacities. 

As Head Prefect, he has been an exceptional leader, always questioning with purpose and betterment in mind.

Louis has personified the School’s values through his genuine interest in others, together with his sensitivity, kindness, and his understanding that he is part of something bigger than himself. Alongside these more personal attributes, he has achieved well, and in doing so has built strength of character and integrity.

These characteristics along with his humility and empathy have engendered confidence in those around him while earning the respect of staff for knowing who he is, where he belongs and his preparedness to serve others.

The Torch of Tradition recipient: W. M. Jones

Torch of Tradition recipient - Will Jones

The Torch of Tradition is awarded to the young man who has been most conspicuous for devotion to the School and its traditions, service and self-sacrifice, general conduct inside and outside the School, character, bearing and manner, and a sense of responsibility and school spirit.

The record over the whole of a young man’s school career, or most of it, will have to be considered, and the 2022 recipient is Deputy Head Prefect W. M. Jones.

Will is an able all-round student. He has worked with determination and advance his academic standing in Cambridge qualifications. 

He has been committed to School life throughout his five years and has demonstrated considerable character in and outside of the classroom through his conduct.

As a cricketer, he has demonstrated leadership, responsibility and service as captain of the 1st XI Cricket team this year. He is community-mindedness has been tangibly demonstrated through his enthusiasm supporting the School as a spirited and bias member of the Augusta Army.

Will has been this year’s Deputy Head Prefect. He has contributed extensively to the tone and culture of the School through his partnership with Head Prefect L. M. Eglinton. He has readily accepted responsibility and shown pride in his School through his actions.

Will has responded with modesty, respect and good humour as a representative of Auckland Grammar School and has lived our values.

Will Jones has made the most of the opportunities presented to him. He has understood and respected Auckland Grammar School traditions and endorsed its ethos through his service, character, bearing and manner.

The Ian Mackinlay Memorial Scholarship recipient: L. T. Vatuvei

Ian MacKinlay Memorial Scholarship - Luatangi Vatuvei

The Ian Mackinlay Memorial Scholarship is for a young man who has shown personal excellence in every field of endeavour, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, or in cultural activities. Essential values shown should include honesty, loyalty and integrity as well as strength and determination in tackling challenges.

The recipient should have shown a responsibility to the wider community, showing a combination of individual excellence, commitment to others and pride in being part of a team, and the 2022 recipient is Prefect L. T. Vatuvei.

Luatangi Vatuvei is a highly regarded member of the School community for his humility, thoughtfulness and determination to succeed.

His ability, focus and commitment have enabled him to achieve sound academic results. In 2021, Luatangi produced an 81% average over four Advanced Subsidiary subjects in Cambridge International Examinations.

He has also participated in a broad range of sporting and cultural activities throughout his time at Auckland Grammar School. In 2022, he was a member of the 1st XV Rugby team, was co-leader of the Tongan Cultural Group and a member of Grammar Voices. He has also been a member of the Japanese Animations Club and the Programming Group.

Luatangi was appointed as a 2022 School Prefect and has displayed outstanding leadership skills. He has applied himself cheerfully and energetically to all aspects of School life, is affable and held in high regard by his peers and teachers. 

He is a personable young man with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. He has been a loyal, proud and significant contributor to Auckland Grammar School. Luatangi Vatuvei has the utmost integrity, has embodied the School’s values and is a worthy recipient of the Ian Mackinlay Memorial Scholarship.

The Headmaster’s Prize for Proxime Accessit: D. L. Johnston

Proxime Accessit - Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston is an outstanding academic, having maintained a place in the top two of the A stream throughout his five years at Auckland Grammar School.

Daniel’s academic strengths have been in evidence across the disciplines. In Form 6, he scored 89% is AS History, 93% in AS English, 96% in A Level Mathematics, 97% in AS Physics, and 97% – and Top in New Zealand – in AS Economics. He also received an NZQA Outstanding Scholarship in English, and Scholarships in History and Calculus in 2021, and was a 2021 University Entrance Scholar. These levels of achievement saw him invited to join Proceres Grammatici, the School’s elite group of our most promising scholarship candidates, in 2022.

Daniel continued these exemplary academic standards in 2022, being top in class in all of his subjects after the mid-year examinations. In the Term 3 examinations, he was first in A Level History and A Level Economics, second in Physics and third in Scholarship Mathematics.

His high achievement has been recognised in previous years with the award of the Flying Officer Alfred P. Fogerty Memorial Scholarship, the Headmaster’s Prize for the Outstanding Scholar in Form 6A, and the Sean McRae Economics Prize in 2021. He was also awarded the Dr Kidd Memorial Prize in 2020. This year, his strength in breadth is recognised by the award of the Kenneth Commons Prize, the Rhodes Memorial Prize for History, and the Special Commerce Prize for Economics.

Daniel’s contributions to his extracurricular activities have also been impressive. He has played Cricket and Football throughout his time at Grammar, he has been a member of the Interact Group in Forms 6 and 7, and in 2022 he has served as a School Prefect.

Daniel is held in the highest regard by his masters. He has maintained a straight-A average for his attitude and effort in every end-of-year report. He embodies the Grammar values, especially in his humility, and has been described by  masters as ‘a true scholar’, an intellectual ‘of the highest calibre’ and one who manages to combine logical reasoning with creative thoughtfulness.

The Hal Radford Memorial Trophy recipient: A. S. Fatialofa

The Hal Radford Memorial Trophy recipient - Apa Fatialofa

The Hal Radford Memorial Trophy is awarded to the young man who by quality of performance and all-round effort has also contributed the administration of a sporting code.

This award is given to a young man involved in a sport that is not necessarily considered a mainstream code and the 2022 recipient is Senior Prefect A. S. Fatialofa, for his contributions to Squash.

Apa has been captain of Squash for the past two years and has been a member of the Premier team since Form 3. He has assisted in the administration of the sport while also coaching and supporting younger players. He has played a pivotal role behind the scenes to the sport’s development.

Apa was unbeaten throughout the 2022 Premier Squash season. He won the inaugural Auckland Individual Championships and, at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships, he won every match he played and helped drive the the team to surpass their seeding and secure a place in the final of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Squash Championships, and the Silver medal.

He has the current New Zealand squash grading of A2 and is a member of the Auckland Senior Men’s Squash Team. He has represented New Zealand on numerous occasions, both in the Secondary Schools Junior Boys’ team in 2018, and in 2021, as a part of the Secondary Schools Senior Boys’ team where he was named captain as a Form 6 student.

Apa has also represented New Zealand in age group tests against Australia, and won the New Zealand Under 19 title in 2022. He has competed in the Canadian and US Junior Open Squash competitions, and this year was selected in the New Zealand Junior Squash Team to compete in the World Junior Squash Championships in France.

More recently, Apa was the winner of the College Sport Auckland Boys’ Squash award for 2022 and earned School Colours. Apa has been a Senior Prefect and has taken great pride in representing the School in exemplary fashion.

The quality of his performance and all-round effort has contributed immensely to the sport of Squash.

The Burroughs Cup recipient: E. W. Chaytor

The Burroughs Cup recipient - Eddie Chaytor

The Burroughs Cup is awarded to the young man who has entered most whole-heartedly and most widely into the sporting activities of the school. Consideration is given to sportsmanship, School spirit and an all-round interest in games.

The award is not necessarily for individual prowess, but rather for all-around participation, and the 2022 recipient is Prefect E. W. Chaytor.

Eddie is a hard-working sportsman who has made the most of the opportunities given to him over his five years at Auckland Grammar School. In 2022 he has been a member of the 1st XV Rugby team, the Senior Touch team and the Senior Athletics team.

Eddie has been a vital member of the 1st XV team and, as captain, led by example demonstrating pride and commitment, on and off the field from start to finish of the season. He has epitomised the definition of a true teammate with an inclusive style of leadership that has been respected by staff and students alike. His commitment to the heavy training load and greater expectations placed on him as a premier sportsman never waned. His positivity in the squad reflected his high-quality character. 

There is no doubting Eddie’s sporting talent, his work ethic, leadership-through-action, and humility have all contributed to his success during his time at Grammar. Earning selection into and competing for three Premier sports teams and captaining two of these throughout his senior years deserves recognition.

As a 2022 Prefect, he has demonstrated servant leadership through his ability to get on with tasks and support others without seeking credit.

Eddie is a young man who wholeheartedly competed in School sporting activities, giving his all, and has met the criteria of the Burroughs Cup: sportsmanship, School spirit, and all-around interest in sport.

The Douglas Cup recipient: the Senior A Cycling team

The 2022 Douglas Cup recipient - the Senior A Cycling team

The Douglas Cup is for the best sporting performance of the year – for the best individual performance in any sport whilst representing the School, and the 2022 recipient is the Senior A Cycling team of L. R. Bhimy, F. A. Malpass, D. Morton, O. D. Scarlett and 2022 captain of Cycling, E. W. Pawson.

After an impressive build up to the New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships (winning the Auckland Team Time Trial series and North Island Team Time Trial), the Senior A Team put considerable expectation on their own shoulders to win the marquee Secondary Schools Cycling event for 2022, the Sir Bernard Fergusson Trophy.

Held in October in Rongotea over a 17km course, the team raced the New Zealand Secondary Schools Team Time Trial in windy conditions on a new road course. 

Racing in the Under 20 division, the Senior A team won in a time of 22 minutes 16.68 seconds to secure the Senior Boys’ National title and the Sir Bernard Fergusson Trophy.  They were 52 seconds faster than second place, the Grammar Senior B team, and Christchurch Boys’ High School in third place.

This is the 23rd time the School has won the Sir Bernard Fergusson trophy since 1968, with the last time being 2017.

The performance at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships from the Senior A make them worthy winners of the Douglas Cup, received by captain E. W. Pawson.