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The Rope Cup recipient: J. M. Sandelin

The Torch of Tradition recipient of 2021, Head Prefect Jack Sandelin

The Rope Cup is for the best all-round young man in the School, the young man who has been most outstanding for personality, leadership, strength of character, a sense of responsibility in performance of duties, scholarship, co-operation with staff and an athletic prowess and record in school activities.

The emphasis is on personal achievement – the best young man on the above points. Much of this could be achieved in his final year and the 2021 recipient is Head Prefect J. M. Sandelin.

Sandelin has maintained a strong academic focus in the Cambridge pathway while meeting his leadership and extracurricular commitments in a final year full of uncertainty. He has distinguished himself for his exceptional intellect, quick wit and natural leadership ability.

Sandelin has demonstrated great commitment to School life by being actively involved with the Premier Advanced Debating team over the last two years. He was ranked the second-best speaker in the final of the New Zealand Debating Championships in 2020 and was named as a member of the New Zealand Schools World Development Squad. His achievements saw him awarded Performing Arts Colours in 2020 and 2021. In the literary domain, Jack has served on the Chronicle Committee, the annual School publication, since Form 4 and was the 2021 student editor. 

Sandelin’s appointment to the position of Head Prefect this year reflected his exceptional leadership qualities along with the high standards he set for himself. He is a considered and affable young leader, who is the epitome of a Grammar man. He has achieved well, demonstrating strength of character and integrity.

These characteristics along with his humility and empathy have engendered confidence in those around him while earning the respect of staff for a job well done.

The Torch of Tradition recipient: A. R. Mudaliar

The 2021 recipient of the Torch of Tradition, Akash Mudaliar

The Torch of Tradition is awarded to the young man who has been most conspicuous for devotion to the School and its traditions, service and self-sacrifice, general conduct inside and outside the School, character, bearing and manner, and a sense of responsibility and school spirit.

The record over the whole of a young man’s school career, or most of it, will have to be considered, and the 2021 recipient is Deputy Head Prefect A. R. Mudaliar.

Mudaliar is a genuine young man who has worked diligently within the Cambridge International Examination Assessment system, to earn creditable grades which have provided him with a sound foundation for academic success this year.

His commitment to his studies has safe guarded his academic progress over the last five years. His approach has demonstrated personal responsibility, self-discipline and  sacrifice which have aided his success.

As this year’s Deputy Head Prefect, Mudaliar has shown a real sense of responsibility and pride in the School and it is through his actions that he has drawn other students with him and won their respect. He has been a selfless leader who has contributed without seeking personal reward or recognition.

Mudaliar has been committed to the wider life of the School. He has been an active member of the Premier Concert Band and has extended his interest in music to Chamber Music groups. He has also played Tennis and has been an involved member of Amnesty International, the Indian Cultural Group and World Vision.

Mudaliar has always responded with humility, modesty and respect. He has contributed, led and achieved well. He has respected Grammar traditions and supported the ethos of Auckland Grammar School through his service, character, bearing and manner.

The B. F. Connell Prize for Dux: S. E. Blyth

The 2021 Dux - Samuel Blyth

The B. F. Connell Prize for Dux of the School for 2021 is awarded to S. E. Blyth, who has maintained a place in the top half of the A stream consistently throughout his time at Auckland Grammar School.

In Form 6, he performed very strongly in his Cambridge AS examinations, scoring 85% in English, 89% in Chemistry, 96% in Physics and 97% in Mathematics. He also gained 20 credits in NCEA Level 3 Latin, and NZQA Scholarships in Calculus, Chemistry, Physics and Statistics.

These results prepared him extremely well for Form 7, in which he has continued to excel. In his final set of School examination results he was first in Scholarship Mathematics with 95%, second in Latin with 96%, second in Chemistry with 90% and fourth in Physics with 90%, giving him an overall aggregate of 377/400.

Blyth’s pursuit of academic knowledge has seen him awarded the Eric Astley Prize for Science and Mathematics students in 7A, and the H. O. Ingram Prize for Form 7 Latin. His academic results and his membership of Proceres Grammatici, the School’s elite group of scholars, demonstrate his academic credentials.

He has also participated widely in School life, playing Chess, Disc Ultimate and Football, representing the School in Debating, being involved in both School musicals and the student-run production, a member of the Headmaster’s Heritage Committee and the Interact Club, a Mathex Mentor, and, in his final year, a School Prefect.

He has been commended on his diligence and application, his willingness to engage in discussion in class, and his self-motivation and determination to achieve. He has quietly but industriously mastered his chosen fields and has exemplified the combination of excellence and humility. Tolerant, good-humoured and confident, he is an outstanding role model to his peers and a loyal Grammar man.

Blyth aspires to pursue research in Quantum and Particle Physics eventually, but next year he plans to major in Mathematics and Physics, with minors in Classics and Computational Modelling, at the University of Otago.

The Headmaster’s Prize for Proxime Accessit: E. Garg

Eashan Garg receives the Headmaster's Prize for Proxime Accessit

Garg is a talented academic, having risen from 3C in his first term at the School and since then maintained a place in the top ten in the A stream throughout his five years at Auckland Grammar School.

His academic breadth is in evident in his achievements across a range of subjects. In Form 5, he scored 93% in AS Maths, and he followed this up with 94% in A Level Maths in 2020. In Form 6, he also earned Cambridge AS results of 96% in Physics, 91% in Spanish, 90% in Chemistry and 71% in English. These levels of achievement saw him invited to join Proceres Grammatici, the School’s most promising scholarship candidates, in 2021.

Garg has continued to achieve exceptional results this year. He was first in Class for Physics and AS Accounting, second-equal in Spanish, and fourth-equal in Chemistry in the mid-year examinations. In the Term 3 examinations, he was first in Physics and Spanish, second in AS Accounting and fourth in Chemistry.

His high achievement has been recognised in the past by the award of the Wayne Douglas Prize for 6A Physics and the R .H. Rattray Memorial Medal for Form 4 Mathematics. This year, his strength and breadth has been acknowledged by the award of the Special Spanish Prize, and the Kenneth Commons Prize for Commerce and Languages. 

Garg has been committed to School life by being a member of Amnesty International, the Headmaster’s Environmental Committee, the Interact Club, a Mathex mentor, the Spanish Debating team and World Vision.

Garg is an excellent scholar. Calm, polite and considerate to those around him, he is held in high esteem by masters who have referred to him as perceptive, diligent, determined and disciplined, and “an excellent role model towards younger students”. Garg plans to study mechanical engineering at a US university in 2022.

In Form 3 it was goal to cross stage at least once each year, and he achieved his goal with the final time as Proxime Accessit for 2021.

The Ian Mackinlay Memorial Scholarship recipient: I. J. Mellis-Glynn

The 2021 recipient of the Ian Mackinlay Memorial Scholarship - Senior Prefect Isaac Mellis-Glynn

The Ian Mackinlay Memorial Scholarship is for a young man who has shown personal excellence in every field of endeavour, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, or in cultural activities. Essential values shown should include honesty, loyalty and integrity as well as strength and determination in tackling challenges.

The recipient should have shown a responsibility to the wider community, showing a combination of individual excellence, commitment to others and pride in being part of a team, and the 2021 recipient is Senior Prefect I. J. Mellis-Glynn.

Mellis-Glynn is a well-respected member of the School community for his humility, empathy, community-mindedness and genuine all-round talent. 

His 2020 Cambridge International Examination results produced a 92% average over his 5 Advanced Subsidiary subjects. He also sat and earned a total of seven Scholarships, two at Outstanding level, he was an NZQA Outstanding Scholar and received Top in Subject for Scholarship Agricultural and Horticultural Science.

Mellis-Glynn has been a member of the Premier Advanced 1 Debating team, earning the captaincy and Performing Arts colours for the past two years. He led the team to a national title at the New Zealand Schools’ British Parliamentary Championships in 2020, back-to-back Auckland Premier Advanced titles in 2020 and 2021, and the Auckland Regionals title in 2021.

Mellis-Glynn has been a member of the New Zealand Schools’ Debating Team as a Form 6 and Form 7 student competing at international competitions, which have been held online due to the global pandemic. This year he was named the fourth equal best speaker at the Asia World Schools Debate Open and the sixth equal best speaker at the World Schools’ Debating Championships. 

Mellis-Glynn has also been an active member of the Distance Squad, Gold Duke of Edinburgh programme, and the Interact group. He has worked effectively with the School and wider community, exhibiting a strong work ethic and a devotion to high standards.  In particular, he has been a senior prefect this year who has shown strength of character and personal integrity.

Mellis-Glynn is a mature, independent young man who has demonstrated personal excellence and commitment to his studies and debating, acted with community mindedness as student representative of the Board and embodied the School’s values. He is a worthy recipient of the Ian Mackinlay Memorial Scholarship.

The Turner Cup recipient: C. W. R. Buchanan

Charlie Buchanan, the 2021 recipient of the Turner Cup

The Turner Cup is for all-round participation in School activities, including sound academic progress, participation in extracurricular activities, (especially in sport) and a manly, responsible approach to life, and the 2021 recipient is Prefect C. W. R. Buchanan.

Buchanan is a young man whose actions have supported and endorsed the Auckland Grammar School ethos and ‘The Grammar Way’. He has made the most of the opportunities that have been presented to him, while also being the 2021 Head Boy of Tibbs House.

His sporting involvement is extensive. This year he has been committed to Athletics, Cricket, Cross Country, Disc Ultimate, the Distance Squad, Football and Orienteering.

On top of this, he has contributed to wider school life through services as a Head Library Monitor, participating in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and in music as a member of Grammar Voices and Grammarphonics. Impressively he has also developed into a strong speaker of Te Reo Māori.

Buchanan’s approach to his academic, sporting and cultural endeavours coupled with the maturity he exhibits when challenged, further reinforces the balance with which he lives his life. He has maintained these commitments whilst also serving as a school prefect this year.

His empathetic and genial demeanour along with his maturity and humility shine through his studies, sport, prefect duties and Tibbs House leadership. This has continually been reflected in his manly and responsible approach to his time at the School.

The 2021 Sportsman of the Year: R. O. Williams

The 2021 Sportsman of the Year, R. O. Williams

The Sportsman of the Year is awarded to the student who is the highest performing sportsman in a single code, and the 2021 recipient is Senior Prefect R. O. Williams.

Williams has demonstrated sporting prowess and earned national recognition in both Rugby and Touch Rugby this year.

In his primary sport of Rugby, Williams has been a member of the 1st XV for three years and this year was named as captain. He was asked to play out of his preferred position of halfback for two years and was able to play his first-choice position at halfback this season.

He was also bestowed the responsibility of the kicker, which in the many tight games played over the 1A season provided in-valuable, none more than the successful penalty and three conversions in the 24-21 win over King’s College at home. In a rear achievement for a halfback, he was also the top try scorer for the 1st XV in 2021. 

In October, Williams was selected in the 2021 New Zealand Secondary Schools team and ranked as the number 1 halfback within this squad. This reward at the end of his secondary schooling is a fine reflection of the hard work and determination he has applied to his sport. Additionally, he was selected in the Blues Under 18 squad and in 2022 will join the Auckland Academy. 

Williams’ athletic prowess assisted in his selection into the National Under 18 Boys’ Touch Rugby team, a sport that he has played and supported throughout his time at the School. 

Impressively, he has also been an instrumental member of the School’s Athletics squad. In his specialist event of the 110m hurdles, he has never been beaten in his five years of secondary school competition; winning this year’s Auckland Championships in a time of 15.88s. Notability, he also finished second in the 100m final with a time of 11.28s.

Williams received Rugby and Touch Colours in 2021, along with winning the all-rounder award in the College Sport Young Sportsman of the Year Awards for 2021.

In an interrupted sports season, Williams has remained dedicated to rugby and touch enabling him to achieve the highest of levels regionally and nationally. 

The Douglas Cup recipient: the Under 18 Four Rowing Crew

Captain of Rowing B. C. Shortt accepts the Douglas Cup

The Douglas Cup is for the best sporting performance of the year – for the best individual performance in any sport whilst representing the School, and the 2021 recipient is: the Under 18 Four Rowing Crew of B. C. Shortt, O. T. Welch, C. J. Johnson, A. N. John and coxed by G. H. Higgins.

On the final day of the Maadi Cup regatta, the Under 18 Four competed for the Springbok Shield, one of the premier races and the highlight of the Friday morning racing. The shield is made of segments of woods from South Africa and was first rowed for in 1965. With plenty of confidence from the pairs race earlier in the day the crew was eager to start well and control the race from the front. It was a tight race and both Saint Andrew’s College and Christ’s College fought hard to overtake the Grammar boat.

In the end, due to a very strong finish from the crew, the Under 18 Four won the Springbok Shield. The last time Auckland Grammar School held this national title and the Shield was in 2011. This year’s crew rowed the same boat and recorded the second fastest time on record for this event, just 1 second off the record.

This was a performance that impressed the national selectors with several of the crew being selected for higher honours.

The performance from the Under 18 Four make them worthy winners of the Douglas Cup in 2021, and Captain of Rowing B. C. Shortt crossed the stage to accept the trophy on behalf of the crew.

The Burroughs Cup recipient: A. M. John

Amiel John with the Burroughs Cup

The Burroughs Cup is awarded to the young man who has entered most whole-heartedly and most widely into the sporting activities of the school. Consideration is given to sportsmanship, School spirit and an all-round interest in games.

The award is not necessarily for individual prowess, but rather for all-around participation, and the 2021 recipient is Prefect A. N. John.

John is a hard-working sportsman who has made the most of the opportunities given to him over his five years at Grammar.

In 2021, he was a vital member of the Under 18 Rowing squad and their success on the water. Accolades include the winning of the Auckland Championships in the Under 18 Four and Under 18 Eight, the winning of the North Island Championships in the Under 18 Four and Eight along with placing third in the Under 18 Pair.

At the Maadi Cup, he was part of the winning Under 18 Four crew that rowed to the second-fastest time in the history of the event to bring back the Springbok Shield. This winning effort was hours later backed up by an outstanding race in the regattas pinnacle event, the Under 18 Eight, where the crew powered through the field to finish second. 

John has also been a vital member of the 1st XV Rugby team. Here, Amiel epitomises the definition of a true teammate. In limited gameplay opportunities throughout the season, his commitment to the heavy training load and greater expectations placed on a premier sportsman never waned. His positivity in the squad reflected his high-quality character. 

There is no doubting his sporting talent, his work ethic, leadership-through-action, and humility have all contributed to his success during his time at Grammar. Earning selection into and competing weekly for two Premier sports teams throughout his senior years has been an outstanding achievement for John.

As a 2021 Prefect, his servant leadership is shown by his loyal and humble ability to get on with tasks and support others without seeking credit.

John is a young man that whole-heartedly competed in school sporting activities, giving his all, and has met the criteria of the Burroughs Cup – sportsmanship, School spirit, and all-around interest in sport.

The Hal Radford Memorial Trophy recipient: D. L. Fleming

Daniel Fleming awarded the Hal Radford Memorial Trophy

The Hal Radford Memorial Trophy is awarded to the young man who by quality of performance and all-round effort has also contributed the administration of a sporting code.

This award is given to a young man involved in a sport that is not necessarily considered a mainstream code and the 2021 recipient is Prefect D. L. Fleming.

Fleming has been Captain of Fencing and has been part of the sport at the School since Form 3. He has assisted various masters over this time and this year in his role as captain has greatly helped in the sport’s administration.

He played a pivotal role behind the scenes ensuring players were well informed and prepared with purpose. He has provided valuable assistance concerning the ongoing development of the programme, ensuring the team is ready to compete at the highest level while supporting young fencers in the sport.

Fleming has represented the School in several regional Secondary Schools events including earning second place in the individual event in 2020, making him a deft and experienced swordsman within the Auckland Grammar School Fencing club.

Fleming has maintained his academic studies as a member of 7A. He has been a personable, diligent young man who has upheld the School’s values and served as a Prefect in 2021. 

Fleming has also taken great pride in representing the School, by contributing to the Interact group, the Asian Cultural group, Chamber Music, the Headmaster’s Environmental Committee, Grammar Virtuosi, winning the Minister’s Plate competition for the past two consecutive years, Proceres Grammatici, Symphony Orchestra, Spanish Debating, and World Vision.

His has been a significant contribution while maintaining the highest level in his sport.