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Colours and Performing Arts Assembly

As part of the final week of Term 4, all students returned to campus for the annual Colours and Performing Arts assembly on Monday 5 December. 26 students crossed stage, who individually excelled at the highest level of their chosen field or sport, requiring considerable dedication and commitment.

2022 Performing Arts Colours recipients:

  • The Performing Arts Excellence Award (awarded to the student who, by quality of performance and all-round effort, has contributed and excelled most in his given Performing Arts activity): M. Z. Yao for Debating
  • The Performing Arts Contribution Award (awarded to the student who has given most whole-heartedly and most widely to the Performing Arts activities of the School): C. J. Fraser for his contributions as leader of the Symphony Orchestra and Grammar Virtuosi
  • The Performing Arts Outstanding Performance of the Year Award (for the best Performing Arts performance of the year – for the best individual performance in any performing arts fields): R. R. Ediriweera Wijesuriya for his drumming performance at the National Jazz Festival
  • Performing Arts Colour: M. Ahuja for Guitar
  • Performing Arts Colour: R. R. Ediriweera Wijesuriya for Drums
  • Performing Arts Colour: E. D. Findlow for Debating
  • Performing Arts Colour: C. T. T. Meek for Tuba
  • Performing Arts Colour: S. J. Srzich for Clarinet
  • Performing Arts Colour: M. Z. Yao for Debating

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2022 Sporting Colours recipients:

  • Sporting Colour: E. J. Botha for Athletics
  • Sporting Colour: H. Chao for Rowing
  • Sporting Colour: L. J. Costley for Gymnastics
  • Sporting Colour: A. S. Fatialofa for Squash
  • Sporting Colour: D. J. Freeman for Golf
  • Sporting Colour: N. G. Hays for Disc Ultimate
  • Sporting Colour: T. R. Howse for Yachting
  • Sporting Colour: J. J. Kennard for Swimming
  • Sporting Colour: J. A. Mora for Athletics
  • Sporting Colour: A. J. Norwell for Cycling
  • Sporting Colour: E. W. Pawson for Cycling
  • Sporting Colour: K. K. Petzer for Basketball
  • Sporting Colour: G. J. B. Pilkington for Skiing
  • Sporting Colour: J. W. Pooley for Hockey
  • Sporting Colour: W. J. Shortt for Basketball
  • Sporting Colour: M. W. Tyler for Volleyball
  • Sporting Colour: J. W. Woodward for Disc Ultimate

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