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Sports Captains

Captain of Archery Akuhata Norman-Hewlett

The 2024 Captain of Archery is A. T. M. Norman-Hewlett

Norman- Hewlett has been a member of the Archery team since Form 3.

He has experienced success in the sport, having been a member of the team who have won the Auckland Secondary Schools compound bow title for three consecutive years.

A determined competitor, Norman-Hewlett has represented New Zealand in the sport on three occasions and was named the winner at the 2023 College Sport Young Sportsperson of the Year Awards and received Colours for Archery in 2023.

Captain of Athletics Jonathan Thomson

The 2024 Captain of Athletics is J. A. Thomson

Thomson has been a member of the School’s Athletics team for the past five years.

He is an integral member of the Athletics squad, and experienced member of the team who has earned numerous podium finishes including as a member of the senior 4x100m team who won Gold and Bronze at a the regional and the national level, respectively.

Thomson was the Auckland 100m Sprint champion in the intermediate grade in 2022, while also earning Silver in the 200m and the Javelin.

In 2023, he claimed Gold at the Auckland Championships and Bronze at Nationals. His skill across a variety of athletic events earned him two consecutive School Champion titles, first in the intermediate grade then as Senior School Champion.

Captain of Badminton E. Chuang

The 2024 Captain of Badminton is E. Chuang

Chuang has been a member of the Premier team for the past five years.

He was a member of the Auckland Grammar school team which placed second at the New Zealand Secondary Schools National Championships in 2022 and were National Champions in 2023.

In 2020, Chuang was national champion for his age group and was selected as a member of the New Zealand National Squad in 2020 and 2021.

Captain of Basketball R. S. Hunt

The 2024 Captain of Basketball is R. S. Hunt

Hunt is in his third year in the Premier basketball team and 2024 marks his second year as Captain.

He is a capable player and has been a contributor to the sport at Grammar. Through dedication he has built his basketball experience and leadership abilities.

Hunt has been named in the New Zealand Under 18 Basketball squad who will compete in the Asia Championships in September.

Captain of Cricket Tom Jones

The 2024 Captain of Cricket is T. C. Jones

Jones has been a member of the 1st XI Cricket team for the past three years, and captained the side in 2023.

As a top-order batsman, Jones has been recognised for his ability through selection in the New Zealand Under 19 team at the recent World Cup, where he was also Vice-Captain.

He sets high personal standards and performs with grit and determination to remain at the crease. He leads by example and has set aspirations for the 1st XI Cricket team this year.

Captain of Cycling J. A. J. Barclay

The 2024 Captain of Cycling is J. A. J. Barclay

Barclay has been a member of the School’s Cycling team since Form 3, which included his captaincy of the the Junior A team in Form 5.

In 2023, Barclay won a position in the Senior A team who were Auckland and New Zealand Team Time Trial Champions.

Barclay has demonstrated his commitment to the team and actively endeavours to align the team culture with that of the School.

Captain of Distance Squad M. C. McKee

The 2024 Captain of Distance Running is M. C. McKee

McKee has been a member of the Distance Squad since Form 3. Last year, he represented the School at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships and won Bronze in the six-man team at Auckland Cross-Country and Road Race championships.

He is a committed squad member who has had several successes with medal placings at Auckland events. He has gone from strength to strength and continues to improve as a result of his commitment to training, both midweek and at weekends. McKee leads by example in his approach to training and has a positive demeanour.

Captain of Football H. S. Smith

The 2024 Captain of Football is H. S. Smith

Smith is in his second year with the 1st XI Football team as a centre back.

He is a consistent performer who is rarely caught out of position at the back. In possession, he controls the ball for the team and distributes accurately, while also being a key target man on attacking set pieces.

Smith is extremely committed to the team, and his work ethic on the pitch is second to none. As a leader, he is vocal and positive, and he is well-respected by his teammates and team coaching staff.

Captain of Golf K. E. J. Funnell-Wong

The 2024 Captain of Golf is K. E. J. Funnell-Wong

Funnell-Wong was first named in the Premier team as a Form 5 student in 2023. The development of his golf is evidenced by his steadily reducing handicap, to be currently playing off a 1.9.

His ability to perform under pressure is sound and came to the fore at the 2023 Auckland Secondary Schools Championships where the team won the net competition.

He leads by example within and external to the sport.

Captain of Hockey H. C. Stewart

The 2024 Captain of Hockey is H. C. Stewart

Stewart has been a member of the 1st XI Hockey team for the last two years.

He is a selfless player whose  defensive skills, vision and ability to read the game, are an asset to the team.

Stewart leads by example and is well respected by his teammates demonstrating integrity in his approach.

Captain of Multisport Caleb Wagener

The 2024 Captain of Multisport is C. P. Wagener

Wagener has represented Grammar at Multisport for the past three years. He has been on the podium in multiple events since then and he is the current New Zealand Intermediate Duathlon Champion. He also finished second in the National Triathlon.

He is an outstanding athlete across the disciplines, being a national champion in track and road race running and also cycling. He has been selected for the New Zealand Under 20 Team for the World Duathlon Championships to be held in Townsville in August.

Wagener is a calm and focused leader who holds impressive mana amongst both his peers and junior athletes. He is passionate about growing Multisport and he is a role model who leads by example.

Captain of Orienteering Cody Carter

The 2024 Captain of Orienteering is C. R. Carter

Carter has been a member of the Orienteering team since Form 3 and has hardly missed a practice or an event. He thinks carefully about the sport, prepares well for competition and works hard to keep his fitness levels high.

At the Oceania Orienteering Sprint Championships earlier this year, Carter won Silver in the Men’s Under 18 class. He then went on to win the next race at Wynyard Quarter.

Carter leads by example, but not only in results. His dedication and encouraging approach has helped shaped the team’s inclusive culture. He has earned the respect of his fellow team members and the management and coaching team.

Captain of Rowing Finn Houghton

The 2024 Captain of Rowing is F. P. Houghton

Houghton has been a member of the rowing squad since Form 3. He is a strong and passionate rower who works hard on and off the water and has done consistently over the past four years.

Houghton leads by example with few words and has built considerable integrity within the rowing community. He is respected amongst all rowers and works to support others reaching their full potential.

During his time in the rowing team, Houghton has been successful in the Eight and in the Four and has been part of the Under 18 Eight for the past two years.

Captain of the 1st XV Rios Tasmania

The 2024 Captain of Rugby is R. J. Tasmania

Tasmania is an experienced game driver who is entering his second year with the 1st XV Rugby team.

Following his involvement in the 2023 Auckland 1A semi-final, Tasmaina is a player who understands what it takes to be successful at this level and has an excellent foundation to now lead this team.

Captain of Softball T. P. G. Twigden

The 2024 Captain of Softball is T. P. G. Twigden

Twigden has been been playing softball for the School for the past four years and 2024 marks his second year as Captain.

He is a supportive student who is always willing to offer help to other members of the team. He is also an effective pitcher who has a strong influence on the team and their performance.

Twigden was a member of the Auckland Under 17 and Under 19 Softball teams in 2023 and over the Easter break he will represent Auckland again, this time as a member of the Under 20 team.

Captain of Squash F. L. Goodson

The 2024 Captain of Squash is F. L. Goodson

2024 marks Goodson’s fifth year in the Premier Squash Team. He is an extremely durable player with an elite grading of B1.

On court, Goodson is a skilled and determined player who plays with power and endurance. During the Term 1 holidays, he competed in the 2024 Oceania Junior Open Squash Championship in Melbourne followed by the New Zealand Junior Open in Palmerston North.

Goodson has represented New Zealand, firstly in 2019 as a member of the New Zealand Secondary School Junior Squash Team and then in 2022, as a member of the New Zealand Secondary School Senior Squash Team.

Captain of Swimming H. P. Klouwens

The 2024 Captain of Swimming is H. P. Klouwens

Klouwens has been a part of the School’s swimming team since Form. He has represented the School at numerous regional and National Secondary Schools’ competitions, winning multiple titles in the 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke and 100m freestyle.

Last year, he wasn’t able to compete at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships after being selected to represent New Zealand at the Youth Commonwealth Games, where he was fifth in the 50m freestyle and a member of the relay team were fourth. 

Klouwens was also awarded Colours for Swimming in 2023 and has shown dedication to the sport and his leadership skills will be an asset as Captain in 2024.

Captain of Tennis Nikko Tuxford

The 2024 Captain of Tennis is N. W. Tuxford

Tuxford has represented the School since Form 3 where he was a member of the Junior A team.

Since then, Tuxford has represented the School as a member of the Premier team in the Auckland Secondary Schools Championships, inter-school exchanges, and tournaments.

Captain of Touch Rugby Preston Broadhurst

The 2024 Captain of Touch Rugby is P. J. N. Broadhurst

Broadhurst has been a member of the Premier Touch Rugby team for the past four years. He plays in the middle position where his pace, accurate short and long passing, and ability to read the game and unlock defences are valuable. He guides the team around the field with confidence.

He has earned representative honours as captain of the NZ Under 16 Touch team, captain of the Auckland Under 18 team who were recently crowned national champions and he is also a member of the Auckland Open Mixed Touch team.

Captain of Volleyball Kyle Xu

The 2024 Captain of Volleyball is K. T. Xu

Xu has been a member of the Premier Volleyball team for the past four years, and is a committed and valued member of the team.

Since his debut in the Premier team in Form 4, he has been an outside hitter who plays with a high level of technical skill and energy, and leads the team with passion and confidence.

Xu is an experienced member of the Premier team. He is highly respected by his peers and the staff he is involved with for his work ethic, passion, and honesty. He works hard to enforce the team’s standards and ensure all of the team’s expectations are met by all players both on and off the court.

Captain of Water Polo Liam Dodunski

The 2024 Captain of Water Polo is L. K. Dodunski

Dodunski is in his fourth year as a member of the Premier Water Polo team. He has been an integral part of the team ever since making his appearance as a Form 4 student in 2021. 

He is a potent attacking threat in the centre of the pool and is the focus of the team’s attack strategy. He is also able to read the game expertly, oftentimes placing himself in the optimal position several plays in advance. His talents in pool were rewarded with a place in the New Zealand Under 20 team who travelled to the world championships in Romania last year.

Dodunski combines an exceptionally hard-working attitude with an empathy for all those around him, making him a natural leader.

Captain of Weightlifting H. P. Acteson

The 2024 Captain of Weightlifting is H. P. Acteson

Acteson started the sport as a Form 3 student and has developed quickly into a committed and mature member of the Weightlifting squad.

He finished 2023 as the top-ranked junior high school lifter in the Under 96kg category, and second ranked in the category overall.

Acteson is well-organised and hard-working, and has shown willingness to assist younger and newer lifters starting out in the sport. 

Captain of Yachting Sean Kensington

The 2024 Captain of Yachting is S. W. Kensington

Kensington has been a part of the Premier Sailing team since Form 3, representing Grammar in both team and individual fleet racing. In 2023, he helmed the team to the national title at the Harken Keelboat Nationals.

He has earned his New Zealand Representative badge last year after representing the country at the 29er Open Worlds in the UK finishing 11th, as well as the Under 19 World Championships in Brazil where he finished 13th.

Kensington won the code award for Yachting at the College Sport Young Sportsperson of the Year Awards in 2023 alongside receiving Sports Colours in the same year.