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Code of Conduct

Requirements of being a good sport

  • Focus on playing to potential and play within the rules
  • Always wear the correct School uniform with pride
  • Never question the referee and always accept decisions made on the field (keep a blue head)
  • Recognise positive contributions made by teammates and opposition
  • If watching a game, or whilst being a reserve, only make positive comments from the sideline
  • If you have any issues regarding opposition players or spectators, direct these to your coach
  • Never take the law into your own hands
  • The School and/or judicial committee of the sport will view foul play very seriously. Any students who breach serious rules on the sports field will be dealt with by the sport’s governing body and then by the School
  • Auckland Grammar School has a proud tradition of fair play and this reputation will continue in the future


  • Sweep the sheds – don’t expect others to pick up after you
  • Be a contributor and help promote the Grammar Way
  • Champions do extra
  • Keep a blue head and remain in control
  • Leave the jersey in a better place

Co-operation with your teammates

  • Be positive towards your teammates and compliment positive play
  • Commitment to a sport requires you to attend all trainings, meetings and games
  • If you cannot attend training, you must personally see the coach to excuse yourself
  • If you are absent from school, you should contact your coach at school to inform them you won’t be at practice
  • Follow the coaches instructions and add to the team culture by your positive contributions

Co-operation with your coach and manager

  • Remember that all coaching is voluntary. Make your coaches’ job easy by being appreciative and committed to your team
  • If your team is coached/managed by a parent or member of the community, show the same respect as you would to staff
  • The coach and team relies on your commitment. If all players are positive and focused on the team and the game plan then success is more likely


  • Any injury sustained at training or in games which requires medical attention should be reported to the coach as soon as is practical
  • Any injury that requires a student to stay in hospital should be reported to the Director of Sports Development as soon as possible

Behaviour of parents/supporters on the sidelines

  • Be supportive of your son and the team he is involved in
  • All comments from the sidelines should be positive and directed at supporting our team
  • Please do not abuse any officials, opposition players or spectators
  • Any inappropriate behaviour reflects badly on your son, the team and will tarnish the School’s reputation
  • If you have any issues regarding your son’s team, please contact his coach directly