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Tibbs House Student Leaders

2022 Tibbs House Head Prefect Levi Potman

2022 Tibbs House Head Prefect – Levi Potman

Levi has the respect of staff and students at Tibbs House for his maturity and ability to uphold the values of the School.

He has involved himself in Duke of Edinburgh bronze and silver programmes and being a member of the Indian Cultural Group, the Interact group and was named as a School Prefect.

He aims to lead Tibbs House with pride in 2022, having a positive influence on younger boarders, before studying either Law or Engineering at university next year.

2022 Tibbs House Deputy Head Prefect Regan Browne

2022 Deputy Head Prefect – Regan Browne

Regan is a committed boarder with a positive approach and willingness to contribute around Tibbs House.

He has played rugby since Form 3, most recently being in the 5A team. He is a member of the Baseball and Softball teams, as well as having recently competed in Debating and is a member of the  Interact Group.

This year he hopes to fully immerse himself into the fields of Business and Commerce before studying law or business in 2023.

2022 Tibbs House Prefect Cameron Bishop

Cameron Bishop

2022 Tibbs House Prefect Adithya Chankoth

Adithya Chankoth

2022 Tibbs House Prefect Edward Chaytor

Edward Chaytor

2022 Tibbs House Prefect Fraser Duncan

Fraser Duncan

2022 Tibbs House Prefect Isaac Dye

Isaac Dye

2022 Tibbs House Prefect Cameron Randall

Cameron Randall

2022 Tibbs House Prefect Oliver Worker

Oliver Worker

2022 Tibbs House Prefect Ryan Wynne-Jones

Ryan Wynne-Jones

Two new Tibbs House Prefects were announced in May 2022:
2022 Tibbs House Prefect Jake Lithgow

Jake Lithgow

2022 Tibbs House Prefect Blake Manning

Blake Manning