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Application Process and Scholarships

Tibbs House is the only guaranteed means for out-of-zone boys to attend Auckland Grammar School. Located on spacious grounds directly adjacent to the School, Tibbs House provides modern accommodation, study and recreational facilities for 120 boarders.

Our boarders are supported by eight full-time Masters (who offer expertise in a wide range of teaching subjects and activities), a caring team of three Matrons, two Tutors and four additional Academic Tutors.

2024 Tibbs House Boarding fees are $17,950. Fees for 2025 will be set at the conclusion of 2024.

Tibbs House boarders are the heart of the School and they pursue excellence in the academic, sporting and cultural life of Grammar. Boarding at Auckland Grammar School offers young men access to:

  • An unsurpassed State School education
  • A dual academic pathway of NCEA or Cambridge International Examinations
  • An extensive range of sporting codes at all levels
  • A diversity of musical, cultural and other extracurricular activities
  • A unique combination of academic challenge, sporting endeavour, cultural richness and tradition

Five reasons why you should choose Tibbs House:

  • The School offers a wide range of opportunities across a myriad of sporting, cultural and musical pursuits. Being across the road from Grammar allows boarders ready access, so they can try something new or further their passion whilst knowing that this is only a short-walk away
  • 24/7 medical care is available in the form of our highly skilled Matrons. Even in the middle of the night there is someone there to take care of the boarders
  • We pride ourselves on the high levels of academic support given to our boarders with tutors and Masters onsite to assist boys. Five Prep sessions a week means the focus is on supporting our boarders to achieve the best they can in the classroom
  • Our pastoral support structure means that your son will be under the care of the same Master for his entire boarding journey with us. This relationship is invaluable and it is supplemented by peer-based support systems and a thorough induction programme
  • Developing the character of our boarders via our Well-being and Leadership programme is another key aspect of what makes Tibbs House so special. Students are given the opportunity to not only develop as individuals but they are encouraged to practice what they have learnt as they grow into our leaders of tomorrow

Please click here to fill in the Tibbs House enrolment form for applications in 2024 and 2025.

Tibbs House is always open to applications from candidates at any other level however the main enrolment focus is on Year 8 candidates for Form 3 boarders the following year. Any entry to other year levels is dependent on there being vacancies in those levels. Applicants to Tibbs House, regardless of form level, should be advised that it is in their best interest to apply before the end of Term 2. Normally, the majority of interviews and offers of placement are completed by the end of August. 

A common question asked by all parents is “What do we look for?” The Hostel takes into consideration a wide variety of criteria when selecting suitable candidates to become boarders. To ensure an appropriately balanced and harmonious hostel, we look for boys who are good all-rounders who will most likely be strong in a particular area of expertise (academic, cultural, musical, or sporting) but he won’t be picked for this one area alone.

The following gives a general outline of what we look for in potential boarders:

  • Socialable and happy to work with others for the betterment of the group
  • Reliable and already able to demonstrate an understanding of what boarding will be like
  • Students have an established sense of independence balanced with a quiet confidence
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude towards his studies regardless of attainment
  • Engaged and active in a wide range of activities and interests
  • A burgeoning leader within his School or community
  • A family connection, or other association, with the Hostel or School


1) Application

  • An Application Form must be completed using either the online system or by downloading a hard-copy version of the application form
  • An application is a pre-requisite for admission but it is not a guarantee of admission
  • The Application Fee of $50 must be paid at the same time as the Application Form is submitted or an interview will not be offered
  • The Director of Boarding receives all applications and responds with an acknowledgement of receipt of application emailed to all candidates

Please click here to fill in the Tibbs House enrolment form for applications in 2024 and 2025.

2) Interview

  • Interviews occur throughout the year with the majority occurring before September
  • Gaining an interview is not a guarantee of admission
  • Selected candidates are invited to Interview Days. These days include an interview with the Interview Panel (Director of Boarding, Deputy Director of Boarding, and the following year’s Form 3 Boarding Master), a tour of the School and Hostel (accompanied by a Hostel Prefect), and a brief academic test

3) Admission

  • Candidates are contacted within 10 days of their interview as to their application status
  • Interviews continue until all places for the following year are filled
  • All unsuccessful candidates are offered the option of remaining on the waiting list, which apply to all year levels

4) Acceptance

  • When the offer of place is made, an enrolment fee (as set by Tibbs House) must be paid to confirm the place. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid within four weeks of the date when the offer of place was first made
  • Acceptance for one year of entry does not confer the right to defer the year of entry

Please click here to fill in the Tibbs House enrolment form for applications in 2024 and 2025.

Boarding Scholarships to Tibbs House

Auckland Grammar School is proud to offer three boarding scholarships for students at all year levels. Please note: Year 8 applicants may only apply for one scholarship per year.

Click here for the 2025 Scholarship application form. Scholarships for entry in 2024 are now closed.

Scholarship applications must be submitted by posting a hardcopy form. Do not use the online application link above.

1) Cooper-Connell Boarding Scholarship (2025 applications are now open)

This academic scholarship was established in memory of two distinguished Old Boys – Sir Henry Cooper ’22 and Barrie Frederick Connell ’44. Sir Henry was a Waiuku boy who attended Grammar on a scholarship and went on to become a highly regarded Headmaster of the School. Barrie was Head Prefect, Dux, captain of the 1st XV Rugby team and a strong supporter of the Old Boys’ Association.

We are looking for students of all year levels who have the potential to achieve excellence in academic endeavours and participate enthusiastically in sporting and cultural activities.

The successful applicants will be from outside the Grammar zone and will be eligible for a half boarding scholarship at Tibbs House for up to five years, renewable annually.

2) Sir John Buchanan Boarding Scholarship (2025 applications are now open)

Established by Grammar Old Boy Sir John Buchanan ’56 in recognition of the role the School played in his development during his time at the School, this scholarship is awarded to a well-rounded young man who will benefit from the competitive educational and sporting environment provided by both the School and its boarding house.

We are looking for students currently in Year 8 (preferably from South Auckland where Sir John grew up) who are potential role models and future leaders. The successful applicant will be eligible for a full five-year boarding scholarship to Tibbs House.

3) Sport Scholarship

Auckland Grammar School is offering sports scholarships to students across all year levels. scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding sportsman who will fit the special and unique culture and character of Auckland Grammar School.

The successful applicant will be eligible for a full or partial boarding scholarship to Tibbs House for 2025.

4) ASAP Finance Pathway Scholarship (2025 applications are now open)

Brothers Adarsh and Darpan Patel (both from the class of 1989) immigrated to New Zealand after the 1987 Fijian Coup, resulting in their family settling in Auckland and their attending Auckland Grammar School for the secondary school education.

Both brothers excelled academically during their tenure at the School and feel that the education they received at Grammar played a formative role in their development. Adarsh and Darpan’s desire to build better futures has led them to the decision to establish a boarding scholarship to Tibbs House.

The successful recipient of the ASAP Pathway Finance Scholarship will be required to meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant shall not live in the School zone or be eligible to attend the School through the priority ballot system
  • Attending Auckland Grammar School is not, without significant financial hardship, possible without provision of this scholarship
  • The applicant is to be of upstanding character and demonstrate a strong will to succeed in all endeavours
  • The applicant actively participates in extracurricular activities and has shown dedication to these pursuits
  • The applicant should be a diligent, academically minded student (attitude rather than attainment based) who will benefit from the competitive education, musical, cultural and sporting environment fostered by the School and Tibbs House
  • The applicant should have exhibited leadership potential through holding roles of responsibility in their current school or community

Scholarship applications must be submitted by posting a hardcopy form. Do not use the online application link above.