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Trades and Construction kit-set playhouses

These kit-set playhouses have been assembled and enhanced by Form 7 students as part of their Trades and Construction project this year. Teams of four were in charge of their own budgets, designs and colour schemes with the focus of the project being to develop their skills and understanding of how a construction site operates, including safe use of hand and power tools.

The kit-sets were purchased from Trade Tested. Viewing is encouraged and can be arranged by emailing Teacher in Charge N. Wolfkamp via email at Delivery can be arranged at minimal cost.

Beach Holiday

Relax in the sun in your very own holiday resort, equipped with a sandpit and treasure chest to ignite your kids’ imagination. Entertain others through the dropdown window/table and recreate those island holiday memories. This playhouse is protected with exterior house paint inspired by the blue-bird days in summer.


Sail your very own pirate ship from the captain’s cabin with your stolen treasure hidden away in your chest. Watch out for pirates through the binoculars and steer the crew to safety through the circular window. This playhouse includes many more features like the cabin styled door and criss-cross windows. Protected by exterior paint to last for years of imagination.


Upgrade your child’s indoor kitchen set by giving them their very own store. Complete with a built-in table that drops down on sunny days, handcrafted stools to sit on and a fully functioning toy sink to clean the dishes. Step through the horse stable styled doors to enter the kitchen and large serving bench. Sophistically painted with an exterior modern blue and white trim. 

Wild West Sheriff’s Office

Step back in time when bandits were feared and sheriffs were heroes in this beautifully themed Wild West playhouse. Bust through the swinging doors and throw the baddies into the built-in jail cell, as you fill out the paper work on the sheriff’s desk. Let them beg for freedom through the jail bar windows while you ride into the sunset. Painted and protected with exterior paint, this Wild West playhouse has style and imagination written all over it.