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The Turner Cup recipient: C. J. W. Fletcher

The Turner Cup is for all-round participation in School activities, including sound academic progress, participation in extracurricular activities, (especially in sport) and a manly, responsible approach to life, and the 2022 recipient is Prefect C. J. W. Fletcher.

Cameron Fletcher has accepted the many opportunities presented to him to participate and compete in a curricular and extracurricular sense during his five years at Auckland Grammar School. Through competition, determination and his personal drive he has made progress in the pursuit of excellence. 

His positive attitude and his contributions to School life demonstrate what can be achieved through participation. The relationships he has forged with his peers and staff through partaking in activities demonstrated leadership potential which resulted in him being named a 2022 Prefect.

His approach to his academic and sporting endeavours coupled with the maturity he has exhibited under pressure, has further reinforced his potential beyond his secondary schooling. He has served others well as a Prefect and met his significant commitments to the 1st XI Cricket team, Premier Golf and his beloved 4A Championship winning Rugby team.

Cameron’s personal demeanour, humility and humour have made him relatable, earning the respect of his peers and staff alike. His has been a manly and responsible approach as a member of Auckland Grammar School.