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The Torch of Tradition recipient: A. R. Mudaliar

The Torch of Tradition is awarded to the young man who has been most conspicuous for devotion to the School and its traditions, service and self-sacrifice, general conduct inside and outside the School, character, bearing and manner, and a sense of responsibility and school spirit.

The record over the whole of a young man’s school career, or most of it, will have to be considered, and the 2021 recipient is Deputy Head Prefect A. R. Mudaliar.

Mudaliar is a genuine young man who has worked diligently within the Cambridge International Examination Assessment system, to earn creditable grades which have provided him with a sound foundation for academic success this year.

His commitment to his studies has safe guarded his academic progress over the last five years. His approach has demonstrated personal responsibility, self-discipline and  sacrifice which have aided his success.

As this year’s Deputy Head Prefect, Mudaliar has shown a real sense of responsibility and pride in the School and it is through his actions that he has drawn other students with him and won their respect. He has been a selfless leader who has contributed without seeking personal reward or recognition.

Mudaliar has been committed to the wider life of the School. He has been an active member of the Premier Concert Band and has extended his interest in music to Chamber Music groups. He has also played Tennis and has been an involved member of Amnesty International, the Indian Cultural Group and World Vision.

Mudaliar has always responded with humility, modesty and respect. He has contributed, led and achieved well. He has respected Grammar traditions and supported the ethos of Auckland Grammar School through his service, character, bearing and manner.