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The Burroughs Cup recipient: E. W. Chaytor

The Burroughs Cup is awarded to the young man who has entered most whole-heartedly and most widely into the sporting activities of the school. Consideration is given to sportsmanship, School spirit and an all-round interest in games.

The award is not necessarily for individual prowess, but rather for all-around participation, and the 2022 recipient is Prefect E. W. Chaytor.

Eddie is a hard-working sportsman who has made the most of the opportunities given to him over his five years at Auckland Grammar School. In 2022 he has been a member of the 1st XV Rugby team, the Senior Touch team and the Senior Athletics team.

Eddie has been a vital member of the 1st XV team and, as captain, led by example demonstrating pride and commitment, on and off the field from start to finish of the season. He has epitomised the definition of a true teammate with an inclusive style of leadership that has been respected by staff and students alike. His commitment to the heavy training load and greater expectations placed on him as a premier sportsman never waned. His positivity in the squad reflected his high-quality character. 

There is no doubting Eddie’s sporting talent, his work ethic, leadership-through-action, and humility have all contributed to his success during his time at Grammar. Earning selection into and competing for three Premier sports teams and captaining two of these throughout his senior years deserves recognition.

As a 2022 Prefect, he has demonstrated servant leadership through his ability to get on with tasks and support others without seeking credit.

Eddie is a young man who wholeheartedly competed in School sporting activities, giving his all, and has met the criteria of the Burroughs Cup: sportsmanship, School spirit, and all-around interest in sport.