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Student Services Update

Dear Parents,

We have completed six weeks of teaching and learning, with the achievements of many young men recognised at assembly each morning.

Daily assemblies not only provide a setting to celebrate school successes, they also offer an opportunity to communicate to young men important messages regarding the School’s expectations, culture and the myriad of support systems available.

At the heart of our support structure is the Student Services team; a staff of professional counsellors dedicated to providing guidance, subject and career advice to students of all form levels. I would encourage you to visit the Student Services section of the School’s website where a wealth of resources, expert advice and further links can be found.

One such resource loaded in this section of the website is what we would describe as a common-sense article listing advice to young people. It has been published by educational author Daniel Wong (40 Ways to Be Successful in School – Even If You’re Not Smart). As a parent and an educator, I have found the article to be refreshingly simple, whilst also containing extremely useful insights. I would recommend you read it and discuss the advice with your sons.

The digital platform, Grammar SchoolTV, is another valuable resource we have recently highlighted to you, and one that is made available to all parents and students because of the funds we receive through payment of the school donation. The platform contains a wealth of interviews from pastoral experts throughout Australasia which you can access through the Parent Portal. A current topic within the SchoolTV database is focused on dealing with disappointment and is highly recommended.

Parents of senior students should be aware that our Student Services staff are communicating regularly with Form 6 and 7 students regarding a range of opportunities to meet with industry and tertiary providers. The presentations on offer provide important information such as course and enrolment details, and can provide further clarity for our senior students about educational pathways beyond Grammar.

The presentations, to be held at lunchtime either in person or online (depending on current COVID-19 restrictions) and from a range of academics commence in Term 2 and will include information sessions with representatives from Massey, Victoria and Auckland universities over the upcoming fortnight. Senior students are strongly encouraged to listen to the Daily Notices and attend such seminars.

  • Monday 9 May – overview presentation from AUT
  • Tuesday 10 May – overview presentation from the University of Waikato
  • Wednesday 11 May – overview presentation from the University of Auckland
  • Thursday 12 May – overview presentation from Manukau Institute of Technology
  • Friday 13 May – overview presentation from Unitec
  • Monday 23 May – overview presentation from Victoria University of Wellington
  • Tuesday 24 May – overview presentation from the University of Canterbury
  • Wednesday 25 May – overview presentation from Massey University
  • Thursday 26 May – overview presentation from the University of Otago
  • Friday 27 May – overview presentation (online) from Lincoln University

As a school, we are acutely aware that growing up in the 21st century presents complexities for young men that are varied and at times challenging.

Consequently, I do encourage you and your son to feel free to access the expertise of our Student Services team at any stage of the year by contacting the Student Services Office Manager on 09 623 5400 extn 445 or via email at