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#SportSpotlight – Cycling

Cycling is a multi-disciplined sport including road riding, team time trials, track racing and cyclocross, to name a few.

Auckland Grammar School’s Cycling squad competes in three types of road racing – the Team Time Trial, the Road Race and the Criterium 

The Team Time Trial race is held on a closed racing circuit to allow safe and fast racing, with the team riding in excess of 40kph over the course. In the junior age grades, riders race in teams of four, with the senior categories adding an extra rider.

The objective of the Team Time Trial is for the team to complete a set distance (often between 12km and 16km) in the fastest time possible – the team with the fastest time over the distance wins.

The key to success in Team Time Trial racing is the team members working together to cover the race distance in the fastest time. The team ride in a line behind each other, close to the wheel of the team member in front in order to gain ‘draft’ advantage, meaning there is less than half a wheel length between each rider at speed. Race tactics are of critical importance in Team Time Trial racing, and all riders in the team agree to their respective responsibilities to achieve the fastest time.

Weather conditions equally play a key role in the ability of a team to perform at their peak. Wind, humidity and temperature all impact how each rider performs and executes on team tactics during a race. Examples of tactics might be using bigger, stronger riders to lead through an area of headwinds or, a lead rider in a faster part of the course being responsible for riding a segment of the course at a higher speed or power output, to then drop to the back of the group to recover when this is done.

The School’s Cycling squad participate in both Auckland-wide interschool competitions including the Team Time Trial series. They also attend the North Island Secondary Schools Road Cycling Championships and the annual National competition involving schools from across the country.

Auckland Grammar School has a proud tradition in Road Cycling, having won numerous North Island and National competitions over the years. We have also had Old Boys achieve national honours.

Cycling at Auckland Grammar School has a strong culture that encourages both individuals and teams to achieve the best results for themselves as well as together. Racing is exciting and collective achievement is rewarding for all.