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Report: Big Sing Cadenza and National Finale

The Big Sing is a regional choral festival with approximately 8,000 students from over 200 schools around the country participating across 10 regional competitions. 60 schools are then selected for the three Cadenza festivals, as well as the Big Sing National Finale.

This year, the School’s all-comers choir Grammar Voices competed at the Big Sing Cadenza Festival in Rotorua. Directed by conductor T. Wayne-Wright, the choir performed four pieces over two separate recitals: Ave Maria by Jacob Arcadelt, The Wellerman, a traditional New Zealand sea shanty (arr. Michael Ware), Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie and Elijah Rock!, both written by Kirby Shaw.

The choir performed superbly throughout the competition, and received the Tui award, the competition’s highest award, with only a small number of choirs being recognised at this level.

In late August, Grammarphonics, the School’s audition choir (pictured above) competed at the Big Sing National Finale, which was held in the Auckland Town Hall. With 24 choirs from schools across the country taking part, Grammarphonics performed their five pieces superbly.

At the Gala Concert, Grammarphonics received a Bronze Award, as well as the Youth Ambassador Award, which is presented to the choir that most represented the spirit of the competition and demonstrates outstanding engagement with all elements of the Finale.

Congratulations to all students involved and to their conductor T. Wayne-Wright for his support of the groups.