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Report: Annual Swimming Sports

The annual School Swimming Championships were held on Thursday 16 February, in the new School Pool, the inaugural event for the new facility. Our swimmers contested a maximum of nine races from 50m to 200m, across all strokes.

The Junior Championship was dominated by Form 3 student M. Sun. Competing in nine events and winning seven of them, he was the clear Champion. Fellow Form 3 student C. Yin was second overall with one first, two second, and three third placings, and S. Xu was third overall.

The Intermediate Championship was a very close contest only separated by very small margins in most races. Form 4 student S. Karpov, with three wins and a third placing, was the Intermediate Champion due to his consistency across all strokes. He was pushed all the way by Form 5 student O. W. Bower, who – despite three first placings – was second overall and fellow Form 5 student C. J. Russell finished in third place.

The Senior Championship was also very competitive with only one race separating the top two competitors. Form 6 student H. P. Klouwens (pictured) was outstanding winning the Senior Championship with a first place finish in the 100m backstroke. Form 7 student J. J. Kennard finished second overall with a solid performances in the Breaststroke and Form 6 student L. S. Gibson, with two wins and two second placings, was a close third.

Thank you to staff and students who came out to support the competitors, to our Prefects for being timekeepers and to Master in Charge J. Potaka and Head of Sport B. Richardson for their support.