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Report: Annual Hamilton Boys’ High School Traditional Exchange

On Wednesday 29 May, 17 sports teams represented the School in the annual traditional exchange with Hamilton Boys’ High School. With Auckland Grammar School travelling to Hamilton for the day, the level of play and sportsmanship seen throughout the day from all students was exemplary, despite some inclement weather.

Below is a list of the final results from the exchange.

  • Badminton (Junior): won 6-0
  • Badminton (Senior): won 4-2
  • Basketball: (Junior): won 84-48
  • Basketball (Senior): won 85-59
  • Chess (Junior): won 11-5
  • Chess (Senior): won 10.5-5.5
  • Debating (Junior): lost
  • Debating (Senior): won
  • Football (1st XI): a 2-2 draw
  • Football (14A1): lost 1-3
  • Golf: play was postponed due to the inclement weather
  • Hockey (1st XI): lost 2-4l; the game was played on Monday 27 May
  • Hockey (Under 15): won 2-0
  • Rugby (1st XV): lost 6-8
  • Rugby (2nd XV): lost 12-15
  • Rugby (Under 15): won 7-0
  • Squash (Premier): lost 2-4

Special thanks goes to all the coaches, managers and respective Masters in Charge of the individual teams for such a fantastic exchange.