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North Island Final of the annual Brain Bee

The North Island final of the annual Brain Bee tournament was held at the end of June at the University of Auckland. A secondary school competition to teach students about neuroscience and associated research, promoting science and technology, the questions are pitched at a university level, thus creating a much higher degree of difficulty.

Six students qualified for the North Island final after competing in two earlier rounds. Those representing the School were Form 5 students R. Z. Cao, A. W. Ha, H. Hu, H. P. Klouwens, C. Pan and S. B. Zhang.

At the end of round two, Hu, Pan and Zhang were named in the Top 10. They then competed in a live individual competition against others in the top 10 students from across the North Island. At the end of the final, S. B. Zhang was named the overall champion and C. Pan was third. Both students crossed stage in Week 1 of term to receive their trophies and the School’s congratulations.