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Headmaster’s Heritage Committee interview with Old Boy Craig Fenton ’83

Established in 2019, the Headmaster’s Heritage Committee works to preserve the history of Auckland Grammar School through research and interviews with Old Boys.

Form 7 student and Committee leader V. V. Iyer recently jumped on Google Meets to talk with Craig Fenton ’83, the Managing Director (Strategy and Operations) for Google based in the United Kingdom.

Craig leads an extraordinarily busy life, managing his commitments at Google with his myriad of other projects, including being an investor in and mentor of several start-ups, and founding his own record label in 2019 (Big Community Records), an independent record label where artists from less privileged backgrounds are given the best start to their career.

Craig is also a TED Talk presenter, an author, he runs his own podcast and YouTube channel (Coffee, Eggs and Inspiration) and in his spare time, he can be seen riding his electric bike or in the skies as a licensed pilot. He spoke with Vish about his time at Auckland Grammar and how his education shaped him into the man he is today – view the full interview below.