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Examination Briefings (select Form 4 and ALL students)



July 18th

1:55 pm - 3:15 pm



Centennial Theatre



Mr McNaughton
(Associate Headmaster - Operations)

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All Form 5 students and those in 4A and 4B will receive their examination briefing via Screencast videos during their timetabled lessons on Friday 5 November.

At the Examination Briefing, students will receive important information about examination regulations and processes around NCEA and Pre-Q. Students will also receive examination admission slips and timetables, and will be given reminders and advice regarding key academic targets and prerequisites for the following year.

Students in 4A and 4B (taking Pre-Q Maths) will have their briefing via GrammarNet from 9:30am onwards, and Form 5 students will have their briefing during period 4.