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College Sport Young Sportsperson of the Year finalists

The 2023 College Sports Auckland Young Sportsperson of the Year finalists have been announced and Auckland Grammar School has a total of 17 students being named as finalists across 12 different sports.

We congratulate:

  • Form 5 student A. T. M. Norman-Hewlett (Archery)
  • Form 7 student J. A. Mora (Athletics and Distance Running)
  • Form 7 student O. Wu (Badminton)
  • Form 6 student T. C. Jones (Cricket)
  • Form 7 students E. P. Craddock and J. M. Woodward (Disc Ultimate)
  • Form 5 student C. P. Wagener (Distance Running)
  • Form 5 student B. J. Li, Form 6 student S. N. R. Lyne and Form 7 student G. J. B. Pilkington (Snowsports)
  • Form 7 student N. Z. Thomas (Squash)
  • Form 5 students J. H. T. Choi and P. Jajal (Table Tennis)
  • Form 7 student M. W. Tyler (Volleyball)
  • Form 6 student L. K. Dodunski (Water Polo)
  • Form 6 student S. W. Kensington and Form 7 student R. J. Kensington (Yachting)

The winners for each category will be announced at the awards ceremony on Thursday 23 November. Congratulations to all our finalists.