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Student Leaders

Leader of the Big Band and Jazz Combo M. A. Ramassh

The 2024 leader of the Big Band and Jazz Combo is M. A. Ramassh

Ramassh joined the band in Form 5 and contributed to its National victories in 2022 and 2023. He adeptly handles piano and keyboard across diverse musical genres within the rhythm section.

Alongside his involvement in Jazz Combo since Form 6, Ramassh has been a versatile musician in various school ensembles, including the Symphony Orchestra, choirs, and Premier Concert Band for the past four years.

Ramassh holds ABRSM Grade 8 in Piano and flute and a Trinity College of London Diploma in violin. Serving as a role model for aspiring jazz musicians, he continuously challenges himself with technical pieces and hones his improvisational skills to perfection.

Leader of the Concertante String Orchestra N. C. Salvador

The 2024 leader of the Concertante String Orchestra is N. C. Salvador

Salvador has been a member of the Symphony Orchestra in 2020 and 2021, and 2024 is his second consecutive year as the leader of the Concertante. He has played the violin for 6 years, passed his Trinity Grade 6 Exam in 2023, and is currently learning Grade 8 pieces with his private teacher.

Salvador remains courteous to his peers at all times,  while also upholding the responsibilities of being the leader of Concertante. He is committed to motivating and inspiring his fellow string players to perform at their best in the upcoming performances in 2024.

Leader of Grammar Virtuosi

The 2024 leader of Grammar Virtuosi is J. B. Qi

Qi, a cellist, became a member of the Grammar Virtuosi in Form 5. He has remained dedicated to the group for two years and is concurrently involved with the Symphony Orchestra.

Holding a Grade 8 performance, Qi diligently strives to improve his musical abilities. Additionally, he showcases strong leadership as a prefect and leads the Asian Cultural Group.

Qi wishes his reliability and commitment contribute significantly to the group’s success this year.

Leader of Grammar Voices

The 2024 leader of Grammar Voices is M. A. Young

Young is a solid leader and a great role model for all singers in this massed choir. He is always respectful of his fellow students and willing to help his colleagues reach their goals.

Young has proven on many occasions to bring the best out in the singers through his strong work ethic and determination to succeed.

Young is a responsible and crucial part of this team environment; always reliable and consistently helpful.

Leader of Grammarphonics

The 2024 leader of Grammarphonics is R. V. Williams

Williams is a strong vocalist with good leadership skills. All of the singers respect him and look to him for advice and to show them the correct way to act in any given situation.

As leader of the premiere vocal ensemble at Auckland Grammar School, Williams is often sought to help other singers achieve the highest level of musicality in performance – a task he does consistently and with great maturity.

Leader of the Pipe Band

The 2024 leader of the Pipe Band is R. R. Ediriweera Wijesuriya

Ediriweera Wijesuriya has been a member of the Pipe Band since Form 3 where he started off learning the snare drum.

He brings important leadership qualities to the band and his enthusiasm, dedication and contribution makes him a key member of the drum corps.

Ediriweera Wijesuriya led the drum corp to victory at the Auckland Centre Pipe Band Contest in 2023, where the group won the Alexander Fleming Juvenile trophy.

Leader of the Premier Concert Band

The 2024 leader of the Premier Concert Band is P. C. J. Lu

Lu leads the Concert Band with pride. With expertise in Piano (grade 8) and proficiency in the Clarinet, Alto and Bass Clarinet, Lu transitioned to bassoon and swiftly attained excellent performance level, becoming a valued bassoonist of both the Symphony Orchestra and Concert Band.

Beyond his musical mastery, Lu is recognised for his dedication to mentoring young musicians through Wind Band rehearsals and performances, upholding the school’s standards of excellence.

Leader of the Symphony Orchestra W. Lee

The 2024 leader of the Symphony Orchestra is W. Lee

Lee has been an integral part of the Symphony Orchestra and Grammar Virtuosi for the past two years, showcasing his talent on the violin. In 2023, he embraced a new challenge by mastering the viola.

Currently, Lee contributes his skills to the New Zealand Secondary Symphony Orchestra, now wielding the viola with finesse. His musical journey is adorned with numerous solo competition victories and the prestigious Elizabeth Long Strings Scholarship in 2021.

As he looks ahead, Lee sets his sights on elevating the performance standards of his ensembles while diligently pursuing his second diploma in viola.

Leader of the Wind Band C. J. Wong

The 2024 leader of the Wind Band is C. J. Wong

Wong is in his second year as a trumpet player in the Wind Band. He has shown punctuality and reliability. He is a very natural player who has shown determination to improve his rhythm and general musicianship.

Wong is organised and is a proactive contributor, which was especially noticeable at camp. His attitude aligns strongly with the School values.