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Headmaster’s Committees

There are six Headmaster’s Committees on offer for senior students to join at Auckland Grammar School.

Cultural Committee

The Headmaster’s Cultural Committee was set up to organise a range of cultural experiences for students to enjoy.

This could include music of any kind (drama, dance, poetry) and should draw upon all of the main cultures represented by students at the School.

These activities are presented as part of the wider Culture Week each year, and students perform at the Combined Cultural Evening, held in the Centennial Theatre.

Teacher in Charge – R. Simento (email)

Environmental Committee

The Headmaster’s Environmental Committee get involved in different projects around the School and within the community.

Every year we organise a planting day to improve the area against the cliff under Maungawhau and within the school boundary. So far we have used money we received from Auckland Council as a grant for the Maungawhau Ecological Restoration.

The students get involved in community initiatives as a number of groups in the community know that we have an Environmental committee and they let us know if they need volunteers.

In 2020, the Sustainability Group was formed for students in Forms 4-7. To establish leadership skills, the Headmaster’s Environmental Committee students are taking the lead in guiding and overseeing these students in projects around the school.

The scope of the committee is

School focused initiatives:

  • Identify weeds and pests on the school grounds and work on eradicating them
  • Maintain existing areas where we introduced plants and initiate new areas
  • Education (biodiversity/sustainability etc)

Local community initiatives:

  • Take part in community environmental volunteer opportunities
  • Identify any groups in the local area we can contribute to
  • Attend Auckland school initiatives or events

Wider community initiatives:

  • Fundraising for a selected environmental group/project
  • Help with environmental drives (beach clean-up/planting etc)

Heritage Committee

The objective of the Headmaster’s Heritage Committee is to increase awareness amongst current students of the contribution both in New Zealand and internationally of a wide selection of Auckland Grammar Old Boys.

We hope to uncover the stories of the men whose names appear on the Honours Board that envelope the Great Hall and of those others who have lived interesting and adventurous lives.

The committee is aiming to document the forming legacies of our current students and how they have made an impact on the Grammar community and how they will too as Old Boys of this establishment.

Teacher in Charge – A. Booth (email)

International Committee

The Headmaster’s International Committee strives to promote multiculturalism, leadership and open-mindedness by bringing together domestic and international students through the International Buddy Network.

Our hope is that students will form lasting connections that enrich their experience at Auckland Grammar School.

Teacher in Charge – I. Itriyeva (email)

Social Awareness Committee

The aim of the Headmaster’s Social Awareness Committee is to study the social issues that face our community, country and world.

From this, a focus is developed which aims to either raise awareness or campaign for a cause in order to effect positive change in our community.

The committee’s work in past years has included organising two awareness-raising debates, one for Mayoral election and one for the general election.

The committee has researched, sourced and recommended a guest speaker for Assembly and has met for discussions with members of the Epsom Girls’ Grammar School Feminist Research Group.

A recent recent major achievement was the report to the Headmaster on homophobia within the school which resulted in the School’s engaging the Rainbow Tick organisation to audit the school and help Grammar work towards full accreditation. 

The committee use the School’s core values of integrity, excellence, respect, courage, pride, commitment and humility to view wider issues in society. There are times when they must show courage to challenge authority or accepted ways of thinking; respect for diversity; humility to recognise their privilege; commitment to the task and pride in making a difference.

Teacher in Charge – B. Wasson (email)

Welfare Committee

We are living at a time when our health, our safety and our wellbeing are front of mind in everything we do in our lives. To this end many people are finding these times stressful and have many burdens to bear. We all know someone who is struggling in some way or other.

The Headmaster’s Welfare Committee is a small team of dedicated and compassionate young men who make an genuine effort in helping to lift the spirits and lesson the load of some on the people or groups that we have the privilege of coming into contact with.

Many of the activities and projects we get involved with are of a charity nature, such as the annual Guide-Dog appeal (formerly known as Red Puppy Appeal). We also work closely with the Salvation Army in the key area of food donation. Visiting the sick and elderly in hospitals and rest homes is another way in which we believe we can add a ray “brightness” to the days of some of our most vulnerable and often lonely local citizens.

The Headmaster’s Welfare Committee enjoys this valuable opportunity of going the extra mile to add a smile to the faces of those who so need cheering up.

Teacher in Charge – M. Lee (email)