Career Services

Career Services

Welcome to the Student Services department. Our vision statement is to help students develop and excel to their potential in living the Grammar values at School and beyond. 

Careers team members:

How can a Careers Counsellor help?

Careers staff can help with exploring interests, strengths and aspirations then helping a student match these to possible career options. This can be for short term goals (for instance, choosing an option in Form 5) or it can include prerequisites for a pathway towards an application to a university, hall of residence and where to access overseas assessment opportunities like SATs and the like.

We can help your son explore the networks they have, as well as help them find Career role models to aspire towards. Careers Counsellors can help with employment (both full and sometimes part-time positions), as well as trades training opportunities, student allowances and access to star and Pathways courses.

How students and their families can help
Book a careers appointment after having a look at some information first on websites, newspapers and in brochures available from Student Services. Each student must manage their own learning and application processes.

Ensure that you are aware of closing dates for applications and follow up appointments. The School is very keen to see every student placed in the tertiary and career path of their choice but are not responsible for ensuring application deadlines are reached.



MoneyHub, has published a guide to hundreds of scholarships for any student planning to start university in 2021. The comprehensive list includes scholarships offered by every university as well as those specifically available to local students. A list of privately-funded, Maori, Pacific and International university scholarships completes the list.

Applications close throughout the year, with tens of millions of dollars available. MoneyHub has also published a list of tips for scholarship success. 

For more details and to find suitable scholarships, visit the MoneyHub Scholarship page

Mensa NZ Scholarship $500

Mensa New Zealand Incorporated is offering scholarships again this year.  We have up to three $500.00 scholarships available, for students who will be studying in a tertiary institute in 2021.  The application process involves a 500 word essay on why they believe that their course of study will assist them to:

  • identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity; or
  • encourage research in the nature, characteristics and uses of intelligence

Click here to download the Scholarship application form. 


Please click on each tab to find out the information needed for Universities in New Zealand and around the world.

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Finances and Study

The StudyLink website is a great place to visit to get you thinking about what it will cost to live and study. StudyLink can help you work out if study is right for you and how you'll support yourself. How much money you may need to support yourself could surprise you.

Applying for your Student Allowance/Loan
StudyLink expects around 180,000 students to apply for their Student Allowance or Loan for the upcoming academic year.

Students don't need to have their NCEA results or have locked down all their plans in order to apply. Their application can be updated as things are confirmed. It's more important to allow enough time for all the steps in the application process to be completed.

Students can find out more about applying for a Student Allowance or Loan on the StudyLink website.

Once you have made the decision to study it's a good idea to sign up to receive emails from StudyLink. This way you won't miss important information, like when to apply and documents you need to send. 

Other Career Options

Careers at Auckland Grammar School

Careers will be offered as an option subject for senior students (Form 5, Form 6 and Form 7) - please see the Pathways staff for details on eligibility.

The Careers department is open before school, interval, lunchtime and after school for inquiries. If you like to make a booking, email

Teen Jobs

With the youth unemployment rate so high these days, many students take on part-time work, gaining benefits around responsibility, time management and work ethic. Students who are looking for part-time work should visit the Teen Jobs website - jobs are mainly based in and around the Tauranga area, but they are rapidly expanding.

Help with preparing your CV

Students can think about working on their CV before assessments and exams come on the horizon. MoneyHub has some great guides to walk them through, step by step.

  1. Student CV Template
  2. Student Job Cover Letters and
  3. Student Job Interview Practice Questions

Here's a great example of a school re-publishing the CV guide:

"MoneyHub has useful resources covering Student Job Interview Practice QuestionsStudent Job Cover Letters and Student CV Template - check them out and apply for jobs with confidence". 

Form 4 Program
All Form 4 students will complete two careers seminars designed to initiate students to research options and build information around how option choices and career paths are linked in the short term, but also how lifestyle choices influence career pathways.

All students are invited to take specific inquiries to Careers during interval and lunchtimes. Senior students can make an appointment with a Careers counsellor at any stage of the year. It is however, important to note that Term 3 gets very busy and students should where possible try and engage the Careers team with more general inquiries, earlier in the academic year.

Pathways provide valuable work experience and Unit Standard credits relevant to employment. Topics range from CVs to job interview skills and site safety.

STAR Courses are government-funded short courses available to senior students that give a taste of a future career e.g.: baking, travel, and engineering. Students can gain credits towards their NCEA qualifications.

Gateway offers work placements to broaden the range of job options and students can gain credits towards a NCEA qualification.

Gateway can help your son explore the networks they have, as well as help them find Career role models to aspire towards, then take concrete steps to step up. Careers Counsellors can help with employment (both full and sometimes part-time positions), as well as trades training opportunities, student allowances and access to star and Pathways courses.