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2023 Academic Results

The 2023 academic results are very pleasing, with students in senior year groups performing extremely well in all external assessments.

Cambridge Assessment International Education

In 2023, A Level performances were very strong. The percentage of A* and A grades was among the highest ever, at 45.4%, and the overall pass rate was 100%. The AS results were also good, with the A-C pass rate exceeding 66% and the overall pass rate at 91%. This represents exceptionally strong performance in one of the world’s most academically demanding secondary school qualifications.

While grades have returned to their pre-pandemic levels around the world, Grammar students continue to perform very well, and the 2023 set of results are comparable with some of the results from before 2020.

Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

Auckland Grammar School students performed well in the 2023 Cambridge examinations, gaining 15 awards for performance at the highest level in specific Cambridge subjects. Their achievements were recognised at the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards. The awards include:

  • Two Top in the World Award
  • Eight Top in New Zealand Awards
  • Five High Achievement Awards (Top in New Zealand or Top in the World, but in subjects with limited entries)

The School congratulates the following students for their exceptional performance:

AwardLevel and SubjectStudent’s NameSeries
High AchievementAs Level EconomicsRamanujan MadhusudhanJune 2023
High AchievementAS Level GeographySamuel WheelerJune 2023
High AchievementAS Leve HistoryMaxwell FredericksonJune 2023
High AchievementAS Level FrenchStanley ZhangNovember 2023
High AchievementA Level FrenchAngus BakerNovember 2023
Top in New ZealandAS Level AccountingOliver GunsonNovember 2023
Top in New ZealandA Level AccountingRoshan ter WalNovember 2023
Top in New ZealandA Level BiologyJayden KumarNovember 2023
Top in New ZealandA Level ChemistryOliver GunsonNovember 2023
Top in New ZealandA Level EconomicsRamanujan MadhusudhanNovember 2023
Top in New ZealandA Level HistoryShaohang TongNovember 2023
Top in New ZealandA Level English LiteratureAndi SunNovember 2023
Top in New ZealandA Level PhysicsYiming LuanNovember 2023
Top in the WorldAS Level Physical EducationQuinn Gardiner-HallNovember 2023
Top in the WorldA Level GeographySamuel WheelerNovember 2023


The School’s NCEA cohort also performed very well in 2023. At Level 2, 72% of students gained their certificates, and 24 students saw their certificates endorsed with Merit. At Level 3, 76% of students Achieved the qualification, and 15 had their certificates endorsed with Merit.

In 2023, 66% of Level 3 students achieved University Entrance.

University Entrance

Our students study predominantly rigorous, academic subjects and standards which lead to comparatively high University Entrance rates for the Form 7 cohort. Cambridge students achieved a University Entrance E pass rate of 100% in 2023, and the NCEA Form 7 cohort achieved 67%. Combined, the Form 7 students in 2023 achieved a UE pass rate of 86.1%.

Nationally, the 2023 UE pass rate for all students was 48.2%, which was down 2% from the previous year. The 2023 National Average for boys in schools comparable with ours, 72.4% achieved University Entrance , also down by around 2%s. For our School, however, the 2023 rate was up by 2%.

NZQA Scholarship

In 2023, 90 Grammar students gained 217 individual subject Scholarships. This represents Grammar students’ best ever performance in NZQA Scholarship assessments. Their results see the School take second position among the schools entering candidates in NZQA Scholarship.

Nicholas Clarke (who achieved 5 Scholarships, including 3 at Outstanding level), Jayden Kumar (who achieved 7 Scholarships, including 4 at Outstanding level, and 1 as Top Scholar in the country) and Oliver Gunson (who achieved 7 Scholarships, including 4 at Outstanding level, and 2 as Top Scholar in the country) were all were named as Premier Scholars, three of only 10 students nationally. To be named a Premier Scholar, students need to have gained at least four New Zealand subject Scholarships, including three or more at Outstanding level.

Four students were awarded Top in Subject prizes: Oliver Gunson in Accounting and Physics, Jayden Kumar in Geography, and Alistair Ha in English. Nine Grammar students received Outstanding Scholarship Awards for their excellent results: Ethan Chuang, Omesh Gupta, Emmanuel Hernandez, Ramanujan Madhusudhan, Cole McCulley, Atharv Shinde, Maxmilian Sobr, Arsh Verma, and Samuel Wheeler. 31 Grammar students in total also gained a Scholarship Award (gaining three or more subject Scholarships).

NZQA Scholarships were again gained in an impressive range of subjects, including:

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Classical Studies
  • Drama
  • Earth and Space Science
  • Economics
  • English
  • French
  • Geography
  • Health and Physical Education
  • History
  • Latin
  • Media Studies
  • Physics
  • Religious Studies
  • Statistics