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2022 Student Leaders

On Wednesday 26 January in the first full School assembly for the year, the Headmaster announced the student leaders who will lead the student body for the 2022 academic year.

The Head Prefect for 2022 is L. M. Eglinton 7B

2022 Head Prefect Louis Eglinton is a young man who has made the most of the opportunities presented to him and as a consequence has embraced School life, academically and outside the classroom.

He has worked in a positive and proactive manner to achieve exemplary academic grades in AS English, Economics and History, and is sitting A Level English, Economics and History this year.

Louis has been committed to the wider life of the School throughout his tenure at Grammar, including playing and coaching rugby, playing cricket and in his senior years, being an active member of the Interact Group. He also accepted the challenges associated with a debilitating injury and has responded with focus and courage.

Masters involved with this young man describe him as resilient, determined and engaging. His enthusiasm and positive demeanour along with his maturity and self-discipline have seen him earn the respect of his peers and staff alike.

Louis has acted with integrity in his interactions with staff, and accepted varied opportunities to grow and develop throughout his first four years at Grammar.

The Deputy Head Prefect for 2022 is W. M. Jones 7F

2022 Deputy Head Prefect William Jones is a diligent student who has been committed to his studies throughout his tenure and actively engaged with his peers.

He secured sound grades in his AS examinations in 2021 and this year is studying A Level Business Studies, English and History.

William has been actively involved in School life as a member of the 1st XI Cricket team, 5A Rugby and the School’s Interact Group. He was awarded the Bruce Boaden Cup for the Most Improved Player in the 1st XI last year.

William is a positive and focused young man who has demonstrated an understanding of The Grammar Way and our meritocratic environment where he has led by example.

Masters have described William as responsible, confident, mature and committed. He has demonstrated resilience and an enthusiastic attitude, and is a young man of considerable integrity who is a contributor to School life

Alongside the Head and Deputy Head Prefects, there are four senior prefects for 2022.

W. H. Cotter 7C
William is a capable academic student who achieved exemplary grades in AS Chemistry, Physics and Business Studies last year. He is studying A Level Business Studies, Mathematics and Physics this year.

He has contributed to School life in an extensive manner and displayed character in his approach. He has been a member of the Premier Water Polo team, 4A Rugby, the Ski team, while also playing Cricket and being a member of the Interact group.

A. S. Fatialofa 7E1
Apa achieved sound academic grades in NCEA Level 2 last year. He is studying English, Geography, Media Studies and Physical Education at NCEA Level 3 this year.

Apa is a talented squash player who has been a member of the Premier team throughout his entire tenure at the School. His sporting prowess is evident in earning Sporting Colours in 2021 as well as the Squash Cup .

M. S. Griffiths 7A
Matthew earned exemplary grades in his four AS subjects and A level Maths last year, and in 2022 he is studying A Level Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English.

Matthew is an active and well-rounded student who has captained the Golf team, been a member of the Big Band, the Distance Squad, the Interact Group, Literati and Chronicle Committee, while also being actively involved with InZone tutoring.

T. D. Hiddleston 7G
Tom achieved sound academic grades in AS Geography, Physical Education, English and Biology in 2021. This year he is studying A Level Biology, Geography and Physical Education and AS Business Studies.

He was the 2021 Captain of Mountain Biking, who has been actively involved with the sport and the Interact Group. He earned the Most Valuable Contribution to Mountain Biking last year.