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Science: Brain Bee (Round 2)

Round two of the National Brain Bee competition will take place on Wednesday 29 June, with students heading to the University of Auckland to participate.

Students Against Dangerous Driving Workshop

Auckland Grammar School

A workshop for students who are part of the SADD (Students Against Dangerous Driving) group will take place on Friday 19 August across lunchtime and period 6 in PE3. It is an opportunity for students to learn from a SADD specialist how they can develop better awareness about road safety for students at the School.

S.A.D.D. Car Safety Briefing

Auckland Grammar School

There will be a car safety briefing for the Students Against Dangerous Driving group at lunchtime on Thursday 29 September outside Gate 3.

Biology: Field Trip to the University of Auckland Medical School

The University of Auckland

A group of Biology students will take a field trip to the University of Auckland Medical School as part of the North Island finals for the Brain Bee competition as well as a visit to the School of Neurosciences on Wednesday 21 June.