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Old Boys address from the Head Prefect

Hello to all our Old Boys – from the most recent leavers, to the oldest living Old Boy of 106, this community stretches far and wide. Despite being separated across various areas of New Zealand and the world, we are all bonded by the collective experience of being a student at Auckland Grammar School.

As I enter my last year as a student here, the true extent of this community has become increasingly apparent to me. Auckland Grammar is far more than just a school; it is a place where lifelong bonds and connections are made, as highlighted by this extensive Old Boys network that we have. 

Being named as Head Prefect for 2022 was an exciting experience and I feel privileged to be able to lead the student cohort through this uncertain year. Hopefully we are able to stay on campus for the majority of this year – COVID-permitting – and be able to fully experience what Grammar has to offer. Although some events such as the 30, 40, 50 and 60 year reunions have been postponed, I look forward to meeting some of you throughout this year. 

As a student body, I wish to see us be able to adapt to whatever 2022 may bring. With semi-remote learning, the absence of assemblies in the Great Hall and still various limitations on gatherings, it is challenging to try and get back to some sense of normalcy. However, we are adapting to these challenges; assemblies on the ‘Great Field’ enable us to still congregate as a school which is a big positive, as maintaining traditions like these are essential to the Grammar experience. 

As a Prefect team, this year we wish to be heavily involved with students of all year levels, and give back to this community. We have begun implementing ideas already, from fundraisers for The Cameron Wilson Trust, to the inaugural lunchtime Touch Rugby competition, we are looking to have an active presence at Grammar. The Touch Rugby competition will have 16 teams taking part on a weekly basis to ascend to the championship, with the winning team to play the teachers side (which may be a somewhat lopsided affair).

Once I finish up my tenure at Auckland Grammar, I am largely undecided as to what I would like to do, with possibilities of studying at either Sydney, Christchurch or Otago. Regardless of what I decide upon, in the short term I wish to fully immerse myself in my last year at Auckland Grammar, and continue the legacy that this School has built. 

Per Angusta Ad Augusta

Louis Eglinton
2022 Head Prefect