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Message from the Headmaster – September 2022

Dear Parents / Guardians,

We have recently had some 10 teams representing the School at regional or national tournaments around the country. We were proud of the way students represented the School, and their results are shared with you in this Bulletin. 

It was refreshing to be part of School Sport New Zealand’s Winter Tournament Week once again. Regional and national competitions have not been held since 2019, because of COVID-related interruptions and school closures.

We can all learn from observing sport or being an active member of a team. The on-field competitive focus and the off-field attention to detail of teams who perform to their potential is impressive. The Grammar teams who experience considerable success typically prepare in purposeful fashion and understand the responsibilities associated with representing their School.

We also know that just earning the right to represent the School on regional or national stage is a privilege. This year, being able to attend a tournament or compete in an end of season grade final has made that privilege palpable.

Many lessons can also be learnt from competing in grade finals, or at regional and national competitions. More than anything, if preparations have been sound, we learn to trust in the processes and game plans, to have self-belief, and then to play or compete with no regrets; in approach, attitude and performance. At game’s end, it is how we react having won or lost that defines us, not the result itself.  Your sons know that it is winning with humility and losing with dignity is part of ‘The Grammar Way’. 

Finally, some of the lessons from engagement in extracurricular activities, such as sport, should be transferrable to your son’s primary reason for being a member of Auckland Grammar School – to acquire new curricular knowledge and in being able to share it, earn a national or international qualification.

At this stage of Term 3, Form 6 and 7 students are building to their final internal examinations followed by their external examinations. Just as our sportsmen have prepared for their respective end-of-season competitions, it is time for all seniors to turn their attention to putting time into effective and regular study. Examination deadlines will quickly follow for Form 3-5 students and thus they too should put into place a study regime and begin following it.

Commitment to academic studies in the weeks and months ahead cannot be underestimated.  Those who make sacrifices to prepare thoroughly for assessments, and those with self-belief and ready access to support have every opportunity to achieve their potential.

Like when preparing for any test or competition, there may be some pre-event nerves. It is important that young men believe in themselves and the work they have done to date, to have faith in their teachers and to continue surrounding themselves with good people for support. The resilience they have learnt will aid their performances.

We thank parents who continue to work with us, across a myriad of contexts, including curricular and extracurricular areas, to grow your sons’ resilience and independence. Through your support and ours, they will reap the short and long-term personal benefits.

Per Angusta Ad Augusta

Tim O’Connor