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Health Centre Update

Our Health Centre provides a professional service for students during the School day. As we move into winter, students’ personal health can affect their ability to attend and/or to actively participate in School activities.  We also want to maximise class time and high rates of attendance, as we know the impact in-person teaching and regular attendance does have on student learning and their wellbeing.  

Our nurses draw this to your attention so that you can be proactive in prevention (or protecting students from these illnesses) as they are easily spread in a communal environment. If your son is unwell, or he displays symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, headache or temperature, we would encourage you to keep him home to fully recover and thereby prevent the spread of infection.

There have been messages given to students in assembly regarding the advice we are receiving from medical professionals about the onset of seasonal influenza and respiratory viruses. The advice includes considering the flu vaccine, consider wearing a mask in close spaces such as public transport, washing hands regularly, applying hand sanitiser and staying home if sick.

If your son has an important test or assessment, please communicate directly with your son’s Dean who will be able to provide you with advice and guidance. If you are taking your son to the Doctor, request a medical certificate to show he was unfit for School. If he has missed all or part of an NCEA Internal Assessment, he will need to see Associate Headmaster – Academic Dr John Etty within three days of his return to School.

As our nurses are regularly sending students home who are unwell, they do want to be able to communicate with parents promptly and effectively. They can only do so if we have your correct contact and emergency contact details in our Student Management System. You can view these details via the Parent Portal and provide any updated information via email.

Remember if your son is injured or ill (particularly after a weekend), please ensure he is taken to the appropriate medical professional for diagnosis and treatment before returning to School. Prompt attention shortens the recovery process and is strongly recommended.