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Annual Chinese Extravaganza

Over the first weekend of Term 3, the annual Chinese Extravaganza, featuring students from Auckland Grammar School and Epsom Girls’ Grammar School, took place at the Ray Freedman Arts Centre. With three consecutive shows (two of them selling out), the showcase boasted an impressive array of both traditional and modern performances.

The Chinese Extravaganza is student-led with 200 students from both schools involved, and is a culmination of two terms worth of ideas, planning, preparation and rehearsals, showing the dedication and passion for the Chinese culture.

The shows included performances from the traditional Dragon and Lion Dance, the Chamber Group and the Mixed Choir. The Chinese Modern Dance group took the stage with fantastic choreography, the Diabolo group wowed the crowd with their skilful routines, and the Drama group was a crowd favourite, re-enacting the tales of Imperial China, albeit with their own hilarious jokes and twists.

The final show on Sunday afternoon had leaders from both schools expressing their heartfelt thanks. With so much time and effort going into this showcase, it is fantastic to see members of the wider community showing their support.

With preparations for next year’s Extravaganza already underway, Form 7 students are proud to pass on the reigns to junior students with the hope that they will continue to carry on the legacy of this show for many years to come.

Special thanks must go to B. Hoang, E. Peacock, L. White and Master in Charge J. Yeh for their contribution, dedication, guidance and support of the Chinese Cultural Group.