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A message from the 2022 Head Prefect

Dear Parents and Guardians

With Term 1 wrapping up, it is a fitting time to sit and reflect upon the term it has been. It has definitely been an atypical start to the year – daily assemblies beginning on the top field, coming in and out of isolation – but as a school, I think we have navigated it well. 

We have achieved a lot in the 12 weeks we have been back on campus. Sport codes have been successful in their respective Auckland competitions, and also on a national scale during Summer Tournament Week. From inside the classroom, to the stage, and out on the sports field, there has been a flurry of activity which will only continue as we progress through the 2022 academic year.

After the full Prefect cohort was named in Week 1, we have actively tried to lead the charge. From helping to get the new Form 3 students settled into their first term at the School, to initiatives such as the lunchtime Touch Rugby tournaments and fundraising for the Cameron Wilson Trust, it has indeed been a busy term, but one that we can be proud of. We all feel grateful to be able to be (somewhat) free from the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic, and operate as close to normal as possible.

While I was writing this message, our cohort was finishing their third-to-last round of School exams, and likewise the Form 3 cohort were completing their first round – a big achievement in itself. I am sure it will feel rewarding to see your hard work pay off. However, in the meantime, take these holidays to relax, reflect, and enjoy spending time with family and friends. 

As we prepare for Term 2, we should continue on our trajectory to getting back to normal amongst this COVID-19 landscape. It was a pleasure to be able to have our first official event of the year last week – our Form 3 Parents’ Welcome Evening – to be able to speak to those in attendance and meet some parents with sons new to the School. I am certainly looking forward to more of those opportunities to connect with this wider community in the months to come. 

It has been a fantastic experience leading the school so far this year, alongside Deputy Head Prefect Will Jones, Senior Prefects Will Cotter, Apa Fatialofa, Matt Griffiths and Tom Hiddleston, the Prefects and the wider Form 7 cohort. I know we are all very excited to move forward and to continue stay actively involved in our community.

Per Angusta Ad Augusta

L. M. Eglinton
2022 Head Prefect