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2022 Prefect Cohort

On Friday 28 January, the 2022 Prefect cohort was named. 35 Form 7 students were named to join Head Prefect Louis Eglinton, Deputy Head Prefect William Jones, and Senior Prefects William Cotter, Apa Fatialofa, Matthew Griffiths and Tom Hiddleston in leading the student body this year.

The 2022 Prefects are:

  • E. T. Apineru (Cross Country Senior, Interact Group, InZone Tutoring, Volleyball Senior Blue)
  • R. K. Browne (Debating Senior Open 3, Interact Group, Rugby 5A, Softball Senior Team)
  • E. W. Chaytor (Athletics Senior Team, Cricket Senior Red, Cross Country Senior, Rugby 1st XV)
  • E. H. S. Chignell (Basketball Under 17A, Chamber Music, Debating Regionals C Team, Library Monitor, Percussion, Symphony Orchestra)
  • T. F. Christensen (Distance Squad, Interact Group, Rowing, Squash Grammar Team 7)
  • C. J. W. Fletcher (Cricket 2nd XI Blue, Interact Group, Rugby 5A)
  • C. J. Fraser (Duke of Edinburgh Silver, Grammar Virtuosi, Grammar Voices, International Student Buddy Programme, Spanish Film Club, Symphony Orchestra, Grammar Virtuosi)
  • J. G. P. Fuafiva (Athletics Intermediate Team, Rugby 2A, Samoan Cultural Group)
  • D. J. Gasparich (Duke of Edinburgh Silver, Interact Group, International Student Buddy Programme, Library Monitor, Media Group, Water Polo Premier 2)
  • F. G. Jensen (Asian Group Drama Cast, Debating, Interact Group, Squash Grammar Team 7, Tennis Senior B2, Theatresports)
  • D. L. Johnston (Cricket 2nd XI Gold, Football Senior C5, Interact Group)
  • F. H. Maddison (Cycling Senior, Debating Senior Open 3, Interact Group, Triathlon Senior)
  • R. J. Maguire (Cross Country Senior, Duke of Edinburgh Silver, Interact Group, International Student Buddy Programme, Library Monitor, Tennis Senior B5, Theatresports)
  • T. E. Mandisodza (Cricket Senior White, Environmental Group, Football 3rd XI, Interact Group)
  • M. A. McCauley (Interact Group, International Student Buddy Programme, Rugby 5B, Theatresports)
  • X. T. Metivier (Interact Group, Water Polo Premier 1)
  • J. T. Murray (Kapa Haka Group, Tuakana-Teina Mentoring Programme)
  • T. A. L. Neumann (Basketball Under 17B, Kapa Haka Group, Tuakana-Teina Mentoring Programme)
  • E. R. Ole (Grammarphonics, Grammar Voices, Headmaster’s Heritage Committee, Interact Group, Media Group, Tongan Cultural Group, Volleyball Senior Gold)
  • L. A. Potman (Indian Cultural Group, Interact Group, Water Polo Senior B White)
  • S. J. Rackham (Cross Country Senior, Distance Squad Interact Group, InZone Tutoring, Rugby 5B)
  • M. Raniga (Concert Band, Cricket 2nd XI Blue, Interact Group, Spanish Film Club, Symphony Orchestra)
  • M. J. Ready (Cross Country Senior, Football Senior C5, Hockey 1st XI, Interact Group, Rowing)
  • D. Rutherford-Levien (Rowing Under 17 Squad, Rugby 2A)
  • R. Shi (Badminton Premier 1, Chamber Music, Duke of Edinburgh, InZone Tutoring, Korean Cultural Group, Yachting)
  • R. Sidhu (Asian Board Games Club, Amnesty International Committee, Chess Senior Open, Interact Group)
  • L. J. Sparling (Distance Squad, Interact Group, Rowing Under 17 Squad, Squash Grammar Team 7)
  • A. J. R. Stevens (Rowing Under 17 Squad)
  • N. H. K. Tuaopepe (Tuakana-Teina Mentoring Programme)
  • L. T. Vatuvei (Pasifika Group, Rugby 2A)
  • E. R. Walker (Literati, Symphony Orchestra, Theatresports)
  • B. S. Welch (Rowing Under 17 Squad, Rugby 4A)
  • M. Z. Yao (Asian Cultural Tutoring, Debating Premier Advanced 1, Debating B Team, Kendo, Literati)
  • J. P. Young (Cricket Senior Red, Interact Group, Rugby 5A)
  • Y. H. Zhu (Asian Group Drama Cast, Grammarphonics, Grammar Voices, Tennis Senior A3)