School Rules and Regulations

School Rules and Regulations

Below are the stated Auckland Grammar School Rules as of January 2021.

The School Rules outline the School's expectations in terms of the behaviour and personal presentation of students. The School Rules must be complied with at all times and serious or repeated breaches may result in disciplinary action, up to and including exclusion/expulsion.

The School Rules apply to students at all times while they are under the authority of the School. Students are under the authority of the School while:

(a) present at School during an official school day.
(b) representing the School at any time whether it be in sport, cultural pursuits or any other activity.
(c) attending any School related event, social function, or activity identifiable as a student of our School.
(d) on a School trip whether or not a parent or guardian is also present.
(e) on the way to and from School.
(f) at any time they are wearing School uniform.
(g) identifiable as a student of Auckland Grammar School (including, but not limited to, in an on-line environment).


General Conduct and Commitment

(a) Students are expected to display a high standard of behaviour, courtesy and manners.
(b) Loud or offensive behaviour and loitering in public places is not permitted.
(c) Students are expected to display respect towards all staff, toward each other and towards members of the public at all times.
(d) Students must not act in a manner that brings, or potentially brings, the School into disrepute.
(e) Students actions must not compromise their own safety or the physical and emotional safety of others.

Behaviour in Class

(f) Students are expected to behave in a courteous manner at all times
(g) Students may not eat in class
(h) Students will stand when a teacher, staff member or guest enters the room

Addressing Staff Members

(i) Students will address male staff members as Sir or by their correct title and name (e.g. Mr Jones).
(j) Students will address female staff members as Miss or by their correct title and name (e.g. Mrs Jones).

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

(a) No student shall consume, sell, purchase, supply, have in his possession or be under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, (or look alike tobacco products such as, but not limited to, e-cigarettes/ vaping), illegal drugs, synthetic drugs, R18 legal drugs or party pills, whether or not lawful under the law of New Zealand, while on the School's property or under the authority of the School.
(b) No student is permitted to have in their possession any drug or alcohol paraphernalia while under the authority of the School.
(c) A disciplinary committee of the Board of Trustees is authorised, in its sole discretion, to determine, in any particular case before it, whether a drug, pill or substance is prohibited by Rule (a) above.

Theft, Bullying, Assault and Sexual Activity

(a) No student shall steal.
(b) No student shall bully, harass, assault, fight with or intimidate another student or staff member.
(c) No student shall be in possession of, or use, knives or other weapons.
(d) No student shall engage in any form of sexual activity while under the Authority of the School (including, but not limited to, kissing, any form of sexual touching and sexual intercourse).


Auckland Grammar School expects the following Rules and Regulations to be followed by students while under the authority of the School:


The following is the School uniform of Auckland Grammar School:

(i) Winter (Term 2 and 3): Uniform Navy shirt and shorts with plain navy or black leather belt (small buckle), long black socks (with +garters), black hard leather lace up shoes (no slip ons), Auckland Grammar School jersey.
(ii) Summer (Terms 1 and 4): Uniform As for Winter uniform except regulation brown leather sandals (with a backstrap) may be worn instead of shoes and socks.
(iii) Formal Uniform: The School blazer with white shirt and School tie may be worn by students on special occasions.
(iv) Physical Education Uniform: The wearing of the correct PE uniform is compulsory. This is the official Auckland Grammar School PE shirt and PE shorts. For students taking Senior PE the blue Senior PE shirt is required and any Auckland Grammar School sports shorts may be worn.
(v) Jackets: Around the School and to and from School students may wear the official School jacket, the official School rain jacket or the rep sports jacket. Jackets must be removed upon entering the Great Hall for assembly. Training or alternative jackets with or without Auckland Grammar School branding may not be worn around School or to and from School.
(vi) Shoes: Closed footwear must be worn by students, when directed by Masters to do so, in potentially hazardous areas, such as Science Laboratories and Technology workshops.
(vii) School Sports Uniform: Students are expected to wear a School sports uniform appropriate to the code. Non regulation uniform may not be worn while representing the School.
(viii) School Hats and Caps: When required, students are expected to wear a School cap or School sports hat while representing the School at sports fixtures. School caps may be worn while walking to and from School and while in the School grounds. Hats/caps must not be worn inside teaching areas or School buildings.


(a) All such uniform shall be kept clean, tidy and in good repair and worn correctly at all time. Socks when worn must be pulled up just below the knee and garters worn to ensure socks stay at the correct length. Shoes or sandals need to be kept clean and polished.
(b) T-shirts, skivvies or similar singlets are not to be worn if they show above the shirt front.
(c) All students are to be clean shaven.
(d) A student's hair needs to be clean and short enough to ensure it does not touch his shirt collar. Hair should be no shorter than a number 2 and should not be long enough to be tied up in any form. The student's fringe should be short enough to ensure hair is kept out of his eyes when combed straight down. Natural hair colour must be maintained (no dyed hair) and extreme hairstyles including, but not restricted to a mohawk, shaved hair styles, braided/matted hair or hair that sticks out from the head more than 6cm are not permitted. Sideboards must not extend beyond the earlobe.
(e) Jewellery such as rings and ear studs must not be worn. Bracelets and necklaces must not be visible. Body piercings and tattoos must not be visible.


(a) All students are required to attend the School through all hours on all days in which the School is open.
(b) No holiday leave during term time will be granted. All leave requests, including but not limited to representative commitments at regional or national competitions, family bereavements, and extraordinary circumstances, must be written and sent to the Headmaster at:
(c) No student is to leave the School grounds during school hours unless:

(i) He has brought a letter or an appointment card to the Deputy Headmaster on the front steps after assembly. He will then be provided with an approval slip, allowing him to formally sign out at the Student Office prior to leaving the campus; or
(ii) For medical reasons, when he must have permission from the Deputy Headmaster or from the School Nurse. Any student sent home for medical reasons must have the School Nurse contact his parents before leaving the School grounds.
(iii) In pursuance of authorised School activities and accompanied by a Master.

(d) A parent or guardian must promptly complete the 'Absence Notification' e-form accessed within the Parent Portal to inform the Student Office of their son's absence from School.
(e) Where a student is likely to be absent from School for longer than three days the parent or guardian shall inform the School's Attendance Officer,


(a) There shall be a daily Assembly. All students are to be seated in the Great Hall by 8:55am and after the 9am bell complete silence is to be maintained.
(b) Students whose names are taken by the Prefects at the South door for being late for Assembly are to report immediately to the Duty Prefect in Room A1. Those students arriving at any time after Assembly are to report to the Attendance Officer's Office where they are to complete a Lateness Form.


All students must do homework regularly as an extension of class study. Every student must have and must use a homework notebook for the recording of all homework set.


(a) Students shall at all times take reasonable care of, and respect, School property.
(b) Text books and library books are the property of the School and are to be well cared for.
(c) Damage, accidental or otherwise, to buildings, furniture, windows, equipment or any other School property must be reported immediately to the Deputy Headmaster.
(d) In the event of wilful damage to School property, the person or persons responsible shall make full restitution.


(a) All articles of clothing, books, pens, bags, calculators, sporting equipment and other items of personal property must be clearly marked with the owner's name and form. Every endeavour will be made to return lost property so marked. Students losing or finding property shall report immediately to the Main Reception Office.
(b) Gear bags may be left in the D Floor gear room from 8.30am and must not be collected until the end of afternoon school.
(c) The following must not under any circumstances whatever be brought onto the School grounds: Substantial sums of cash, and any tobacco, e-cigarettes/vaping equipment, chemicals, knives or other weapons (including imitation weapons), matches, cigarette lighters, fireworks, alcohol, drug paraphenalia, narcotics or drugs in any form unless in the form of medication possessed by a boy pursuant to prescription by a registered medical practitioner and brought to School solely for the purpose of necessary administration of such medication during School hours.
(d) The following are strictly forbidden on School property and when students are under the School's authority: Smoking, vaping, use of alcohol, narcotics or other drugs except only for use strictly in medication prescribed by a registered medical practitioner, gambling or any games of chance, possession or distribution of any indecent or pornographic material (including via electronic communications), the distributing of any other form of literature or written material without the prior permission of the Headmaster.
(e) The following should not be brought to School and if brought to School, the School will accept no responsibility for them: Cameras, valuable watches, pens or any other costly equipment.
(f) Cell phones are not permitted to be used at School between 8am - 3:30pm.
(g) Personal electronic equipment may not be used within the School grounds or on School trips. This includes games and music equipment. Over the ear headphones are not permitted to be worn with School uniform. Inner ear headphones may be worn to and from School, but must not be worn on the School grounds. No headphones are permitted to be worn in public while wearing formal School uniform (Number 1), or School uniform on School exchanges or School activities.

(It is the policy of the School to confiscate cell phones and personal electronic equipment should students be in breach of this rule. In the first instance, it shall be for a period of one week. On a second occasion, it will be returned after a meeting with parents).


Such functions include:
(a) Any approved social functions or activities that occur in association with the School including but not limited to sports or cultural fixtures or tours whether at Auckland Grammar School, or beyond the School in New Zealand or overseas.
(b) Other social occasions organised in connection with the School.
(c) Any organised event or activity where the student is identifiable as a member of Auckland Grammar School. At these activities all students are under the authority of the School and subject to the School Rules.


(a) Bicycles are to be kept only in the racks or on the hooks provided in the bicycle sheds.
(b) No bicycles are to be ridden inside School grounds. Inside the gate all boys must walk their bicycles to and from the bicycle sheds.
(c) All road traffic laws are to be obeyed and all bicycles must be maintained in road worthy condition in accordance with road traffic standards.
(d) Cyclists are to ride in single file in Mountain Road, Gillies Avenue, and other main roads and 'doubling' with a passenger is forbidden.
(e) Any boy riding a bicycle to and from School MUST wear a helmet which meets safety regulations.
(f) Scooters, skateboards, e-scooters and similar modes of transport are not to be used when travelling to and from school, and/or while under the authority of the School.
(g) Form 7 students are the only boys who may be permitted to bring motor cars or motor cycles to School and park at the hockey turf car park. All such students will be issued with an official school parking permit which must be displayed in their windscreen.
(h) Any students wishing to bring motor cars to School are to register the same with the Deputy Headmaster and with the exception of Form 7 students must park in Clive Road and/or adjacent side roads.
(i) Any Form 7 student wishing to bring a motor cycle to School must bring a letter from his parent or guardian to the Deputy Headmaster granting parental approval and requesting the School's permission. Such permission shall be granted at the absolute discretion of the School and if granted upon such terms and conditions as the School sees fit to impose.
(j) Passengers are not permitted unless approval is granted by the Deputy Headmaster.
(k) Offences against traffic regulations may result in the removal of the right to bring the vehicle to School or to use it for a School activity. Matters of this nature may be referred to the Police.


(a) Students are not permitted to engage in any activity such as displaying images or sending messages that may offend or harass another person (for the avoidance of doubt, this prohibition includes any 'cyber bullying' of other students).
(b) Students are not permitted to create, send, save or share material that may bring the School or a member of its community, into disrepute.
(c) Students are not permitted to be involved with any form of 'Electronic Vandalism' such as the transfer of malicious software. (d) IT resources cannot be used for personal amusement by engaging in activities such as playing games, using online forums not related to the prescribed curriculum or making use of social networking platforms.
(e) Students may not access or make attempts to access material that is objectionable or illegal such as Pornography, or engage in activities deemed illegal by New Zealand or International law such as Fraud, Electronic Crime (Hacking, Spamming, Identity Theft) or Harassment.
(f) Students must respect every individual's right to privacy and must not make or distribute audio or video recordings, or take photographic images of an individual without his or her explicit permission.
(g) All students must sign the Student ICT Acceptable Use Policy before accessing the School network or using School computers.


(a) All students are required to exercise extreme caution at all times in the vicinity of the pool.
(b) The pool is out of bounds to all students except when supervised swimming or water polo is taking place.
(c) The entire area behind the Centennial Theatre is strictly out of bounds. This is particularly the case when the pool is empty. At such times tennis balls, etc. may not be retrieved.


The following areas are out of bounds to students:
(a) The Auditorium Complex, Library Foyer and Sports Pavilions except when these areas are for supervised activities.
(b) The Pool and its Surrounds, except when activities are supervised by Masters.
(c) The Gymnasium and Sports Centre except when activities are supervised by Masters.
(d) The carpark area behind the Old Boys' Pavilion between 9am - 3:15pm. Students can use this area to move to and from the 'O' Rooms.
(e) The Mountain Road walls and gates at lunchtime and interval, including the strip between the Mountain Road wall and the Science Block.
(f) The carpark areas. This is the strip between the Main Block and Mountain Road, the sealed area adjacent to the Music Suite and the front of the School. Students can use these areas to move to and from class.
(g) All bike sheds between 9am - 3:15pm.
(h) All classrooms and corridors in all buildings during interval and lunchtime. If it is raining at interval or lunchtime, students may remain in the Hall on the ground floor only.
(i) The area in front of the Main Building, including the cloisters, the front steps and paved and grassed areas during interval and lunchtime. Students can use these areas to move to and from school buildings but must not remain in these areas.
(j) All areas of Tibbs House during school hours.
(k) The All Weather Hockey turf, except when activities are supervised by Masters.
(l) The walkway down to the No 3 Rugby Field, the field itself and its surrounds, except when activities are supervised by Masters.

The following are out of bounds to all students at all times:
(a) The War Memorial, its surroundings and the area behind the War Memorial.
(b) The area behind the back of the Music Block and the motorway and the alleyway directly behind the pool.
(c) The undeveloped areas directly behind the English Block.
(d) The fenced off areas beneath the rock faces on the motorway ground and the Normanby Road ground.
(e) The two main cricket blocks.
(f) The grounds waste disposal areas.


(a) Rules and Regulations from time to time in existence relating to the conduct and administration of Tibbs House shall be deemed to be part of these Rules.
(b) Any student enrolled at Tibbs House as a Boarder and at the School as a student shall at all times during the school term, be subject both to the Tibbs House Rules and to these Rules.
(c) Any student not enrolled as a Boarder but who at any time enters upon Hostel premises shall while on such premises be subject to all Tibbs House Rules and Regulations.


These Rules are a guide and are not intended to be a comprehensive statement or exhaustive list. The School reserves the right to amend/replace these Rules from time to time at its discretion and all students are expected to know the rules and comply with them at all times. Breaches Breaches of the School Rules will not be tolerated and will be treated seriously by the School's Leadership Team and Headmaster.

Any breach of the Fundamental Rules will be referred to the Headmaster. The Headmaster will review all the circumstances and w here appropriate consider a stand options.down period and/or Suspension as disciplinary Serious and/or sustained breaches of any of the School Rules will be referred to the Discipline Sub Committee of the Board of Trustees.

The Board will consider the Headmaster's report on the matter and the parents/guardians of the student and any representative (if required) will be invited to a hearing. The Board's options in such cases include lifting or extending the Suspension (with or without conditions) or to exclude (if the student is under 16 years) or expel (if the student is 16 or older).